Solar Powered Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

Solar Powered Chicken Coop Doors To Make Life EASIER

As backyard farming enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for innovative tools and solutions that can make our farming life easier and more sustainable, especially when it comes to the chicken coop. One such game-changing invention is the solar-powered chicken coop door.

You may have read in our chickens and poultry section that we personally use an automatic chicken coop door on our own chicken coop, and this is run on batteries with the options for opening the automatic chicken coop door with a timer, a cell phone app or with a solar photo sensor.


But wouldn't it be so nice to have a chicken coop door that is solar powered?

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of solar-powered chicken coop doors for chicken coops, discuss their installation process, highlight some great products that are reliable and worth looking at, and provide you with the best, essential information to help you make an informed decision for your backyard chicken coop.


Automatic chicken coop


We are only interested in the high quality products that are predator proof, as well as ones that are super reliable and that are safe for chickens when the door closes.

Let's get into it.


Solar Auto Coop Doors


Solar-Powered Chicken Coop Doors: The Ultimate Solution for Convenient Farming


The Advantages of Solar-Powered Chicken Coop Doors

An automatic chicken coop door offers a range of advantages which make them a popular choice among backyard farmers. Adding the option to have a solar powered door on your chicken coop or chicken run offers sustainability and reliability from the power source.

Here are a few more key benefits:


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Operation

A solar-powered automatic chicken coop door relies the sun's energy for power, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional electric or battery-powered coop doors.

By harnessing the power of the sun, you get rid of the reliance on electricity (which power outages that would affect this) or batteries (keeping in mind that you will need to replace batteries when they are low/dead).

This also reduces your carbon footprint and promotes a greener lifestyle if you are looking at automation, which is what we backyard farmers like to do, right?


Convenience and Time Savings

With a solar-powered automatic chicken coop door, you no longer need to rush home to open or close the coop at specific times. The door operates automatically based on the sun's position, so your chickens can safely enter or exit the coop without your direct involvement.

Yes, this is much like an automatic chicken door door; however, the power source here is the sun.

This convenience saves you time and allows you to maintain a consistent schedule without worrying about the well-being of your flock.


Enhanced Security and Predator Protection

Predators pose a constant threat to backyard chickens. I have personally had to deal with numerous predators, like most backyard chicken keepers.

I lost an entire flock to a few raccoons many years ago (and have since learned how to predator-proof the coop properly, including using an automatic chicken coop door).


Predator proofing a coop


I also let my chickens free range and have lost many a chicken to predation this way (hawks, owls and more), but it's the risk you take when you want free-ranging, happy birds.

Read about electric fences that will protect chicken coops here


Solar-powered chicken coop doors are specifically designed with safety in mind, offering reliable protection against predators such as raccoons, foxes, and coyotes (I will say, so long as you purchase a high quality coop door; there are several knock offs out there that are thin metal and may not withstand tough predators).


A high a quality metal door that is automated can be programmed to open and close at specific times, ensuring your chickens remain safe inside the coop during nighttime hours when these predators are most active.

It's also important to know whether or not your automatic door has a safety feature to help keep your chickens safe when the door is closing. This feature will have a sensor and will stop the door from closing if a chicken is in the way.

We will make sure to list that on the solar automatic coop door recommendations we will have for you below.


Long-Term Cost Savings

While the initial investment for a solar-powered chicken coop door may be higher compared to traditional options (and even automatic chicken coop doors that are not solar-powered) the long-term cost savings can be significant if you want the convenience of an automated door.

With no reliance on grid electricity or batteries, you can enjoy reduced energy costs and eliminate the need for ongoing battery replacements.

Solar panels themselves have a long lifespan, making them a durable and cost-effective solution for your backyard farm.


Installation and Operation

Installing a solar-powered chicken coop door may seem daunting at first, but with the right guidance, it can be a pretty straightforward process.

And the solar powered coop doors that I will recommend for you below will all have user-friendly instructions that will make sure you set them up easily and properly.

Here are the essential, basic steps to get you started though:


1. Assess Your Coop's Location

Before installing a solar-powered chicken coop door, evaluate the location of your backyard chicken coop to determine the best spot for the solar panel. Ensure it receives enough sunlight throughout the day to maximize energy production.

Consider any potential shading or obstructions that may affect the panel's efficiency. You may need to move the solar panel to a location that is close enough to the coop door for it to work and be out of the shade that a tree may provide. Many people like to place their solar panels on the roof of the coop!


2. Mount the Solar Panel

Once you've identified the ideal location, securely mount the solar panel using the provided hardware. Ensure the panel is positioned at the optimal angle to capture the most sunlight.

Many solar-powered automatic chicken coop door kits come with adjustable brackets, allowing you to fine-tune the panel's angle for the best possible energy absorption.


Solar panel for chicken coop


3. Install the Door Mechanism

Next, install the auto chicken coop door mechanism, following the manufacturer's instructions (this will of course be on a by-product basis).

Typically though, solar-powered automatic chicken coop doors use a motor-driven system connected to a timer or light sensor. Adjust the settings according to your preferences, so that the door opens and closes at the desired times or based on sunlight conditions.


4. Test and Fine-Tune

Once the installation of the automatic door and/or control box is complete, make sure the light sensor doesn't have any protective film on it that needs to come off. You can now test the functionality of the door system by pressing the button to try it out before setting it on automatic mode (or whichever mode you choose/is available through your model).

Make sure that the door opens and closes smoothly and that the solar panel is charging the battery effectively. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure proper operation. For the first few days, go out at night and in the mornings to make sure it is functioning properly.

TIP: If you are using sand for the floor material of your automatic door, it is possible that the small sand granules could get in the way of your door (especially if it slides closed horizontally). Definately keep your chicken coop flooring in mind with the style of your automatic chicken door.


Notable Solar-Powered Chicken Coop Doors

There are a few manufacturers who offer a good quality solar-powered automatic coop doors in this new product market. Here are a few options worth considering:


1. The FarmLite Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door

See it right here

The FarmLite Automatic Chicken Coop Door is an automatic door solution that combines convenience, sustainability, and security for your backyard farming friends.

This solar-powered chicken coop door offers an effortless and eco-friendly way to automate the opening and closing of your chicken coop, ensuring the safety of your flock.


FarmLite Coop Door


This model gives you the choice of setting it to open and close automatically with the sunrise and sunset, you can use the timer to set it up, or it comes with a remote control where you can press a button from up to 120ft. away to open or close it.

This design comes with an infrared protection sensor to determine if chickens are in its way. This feature makes sure that this automatic coop door will be safe for the chickens going in while it is closing.


Here is a customer review you can read, click and scroll down to continue reading the full review:


Automatic Chicken Coop Door Review


Installation is quite easy, thanks to the included adjustable solar panel that can be easily mounted to capture maximum sunlight.

The FarmLite Automatic Chicken Coop Door is compatible with various coop sizes and styles, making it suitable for a range of backyard farming setups.

The door's sturdy construction and reinforced materials ensure durability and predator protection, giving you peace of mind knowing that your chickens are safe from unwanted visitors. Plus, the integrated light sensor ensures accurate timing based on natural light conditions, adapting to seasonal changes effortlessly.


Here are the important points summarized for you for this automatic chicken coop door:

  • Solar power automatic door for eco-friendly and cost-effective operation
  • Convenient automatic opening and closing of the chicken coop
  • Adjustable solar panel for optimal energy capture
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Reinforced materials for enhanced predator protection
  • Infrared chicken sensor for added safety to detect if chickens are in the way of it closing
  • Integrated light sensor for accurate timing based on natural light conditions
  • Programmable timer for customized operation
  • Remote control capability for convenient access and monitoring


Here is another review for you to read (click and scroll down to continue reading it):


Solar powered chicken coop doors


This is an American owned business with a fantastic return policy and customer support. This is a door we feel confident recommending to you.


2. Solar Powered Automatic Chicken Coop Door

See it here

The Automatic Aluminum Weatherproof Chicken Coop Door is a durable and versatile solar-powered door designed to provide convenience, safety, and longevity for your chicken coop. Its weatherproof aluminum construction ensures reliable performance in outdoor conditions.

Automatic Coop Door Solar Powered

With multiple operation modes, including timed and light sensor activation, you can customize the door's opening and closing times to suit your needs.

The door's anti-pinch technology protects your chickens during operation, while its robust locking mechanism enhances security and prevents predator access.


Here are the important things to know about this model:

  • Durable and weatherproof aluminum construction
  • Versatile operation modes: timed and light sensor activation
  • Customizable opening and closing times
  • Anti-pinch technology for chicken safety
  • Robust locking mechanism for enhanced security
  • Solar-powered for convenience and sustainability

Here is a customer review, you can click to read more:


Solar powered coop door reviews


This is not an American company like the above listed option, but you might find it is a more affordable price for you.


Educational Resources for Solar Power

If you'd like to delve deeper into the world of solar power and its applications, here are some educational resources worth exploring:

  1. Solar Energy Basics - U.S. Department of Energy: This guide gives you an overview of solar energy, its benefits, and its various applications. It's an interesting read on why clean energy matters, and talks about energy reliance.

  2. Solar Energy Map - Solar Energy Industries Association: The Solar Energy Industries Association offers an introductory guide to solar energy, including key terms, information on solar technologies, and frequently asked questions. They provide a map, state-by-state showing how Americans are taking advantage of solar energy.

  3. Renewable Energy: Solar Power - National Geographic: National Geographic provides an educational resource on solar power, exploring its history, technology, and environmental impact.


Summary of Important Points for Solar Powered Doors

To recap, here are the key takeaways and a few important things regarding solar-powered chicken coop doors:

  • Solar-powered automatic coop doors offer sustainable and eco-friendly operation for the automated models.
  • They provide convenience and time savings by automating coop access.
  • Most chicken coop doors keep chickens safe with a safety feature that will not close if they are in the way.
  • An automatic coop door that is a high quality build enhances the security and protect chickens from predators.
  • Solar options offer long-term cost savings by reducing energy expenses.
  • Installation involves assessing the coop's location, mounting the solar panel, and installing the automatic door mechanism and setting it on automatic mode.


    In Our Own Opinion...

    When it comes to chicken coop doors, an automatic coop door with a photo light sensor is the ultimate way to go. Adding one for us has saved us time, especially in the mornings when I am running around getting kids ready to take to school!

    In terms of power option or source, we live in a very sunny location but are still quite happy with a battery-powered option.


    Here is the coop door that I am currently using (Click my photo to see it):

    Automatic chicken coop door


    This is also due to the fact that automatic chicken coop doors are just starting to expand to solar powered energy options, and there are not a lot out there to choose from quite yet.

    There may be many on the market, but we want a high quality product that will protect our little chickens. That is why our list of recommendations is so short this time! Feel free to bookmark this page though and as more and more options come out, we will be sure to update.

    The batteries last around 1 year on this model and when you are using batteries, power outages don't affect you.


    Here is a video from The Farmers Cupboard YouTube of when I first installed our automatic chicken coop door:


    This is the automatic chicken coop door we recommend and personally use from Amazon


    You can read more about different automatic chicken coop door recommendations in our article here


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Let's address some common questions about solar-powered chicken coop doors:


    Q: How much sunlight is needed for the solar panel to work effectively?

    A: Solar panels require direct sunlight to generate optimal energy. It's recommended to position the solar panel in a location that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight per day, but this can vary according to which solar automatic chicken coop door you purchase. Always be sure to read all of the instructions once it comes in.


    Q: What happens if the battery runs out of charge on a cloudy day?

    A: Many solar-powered chicken coop doors come with battery backup systems. These backup batteries store excess energy generated during sunny periods, ensuring continuous operation even during cloudy days or low sunlight conditions.


    Q: Are these doors weather proof?

    These doors are typically weather resistant, except in extreme weather (temperatures) and you will need to make sure there is no major debris on your solar panel if a major storm comes through.


    Q: What are the different power sources of an automatic coop door?

    The different power sources for an automatic coop door include electric (from an electric source - this can be hard wired into your power system or can run from a plug in with an extension cord), they can run on batteries (usually AA set right into the control box) and lastly powered by solar energy with panels.

    Each power source has different advantages (cost savings, reliability, easy of use and installation, preference...etc) and the door will work best if it is a quality product that will keep your hens secure in their house.


    Q: Can I adjust the opening and closing times of the door?

    A: Yes, most solar chicken doors offer programmable timers or light sensors that allow you to customize the opening and closing times. You can set specific times or configure the door to operate based on natural light conditions. Make sure to look this up on the automatic coop door model you are thinking of buying.


    Q: Do automatic doors work in extremely cold weather?

    A: How well an auto chicken coop door works in cold weather varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but typically they have a threshold of temperature that they will work in. I am personally up in Canada and experience cold winters.

    When it would get around -15C (5F) I would make sure to go out and check in the mornings and evenings to make sure the door opened/closed. There were a few days where I would have to push the button to physically let them out, but this was expected with the battery power chicken coop door.


    Q: Are solar-powered chicken coop doors compatible with all coop types?

    A: Solar chicken coop doors are designed to fit various coop styles and sizes. However, it's important to look at the specifications of the door you intend to purchase to ensure compatibility with your specific coop door dimensions.

    You may need to cut your door to size if it is too small, or if it is too big you might just have to add a small bumper of wood to help support it (plywood or something else).


    Q: Do solar-powered chicken coop doors require regular maintenance?

    A: Solar power chicken coop doors generally require minimal maintenance, like most automatic doors. It's recommended to periodically clean the solar panel to remove dust or debris that may affect its efficiency and make sure the light sensors and safety sensors are clean and not super dusty as chicken coops can certainly stir up the dust.

    Additionally, check for any wear or damage to the door mechanism and address it right away. Also, it is good to make sure there is nothing in the way where the door slides closed such as sand, dust, or dirt, as this can build up over time into a hard substance that stops the door from closing.


    With solar power chicken coop doors, you can optimize the efficiency of your backyard farm while embracing sustainable practices.

    Their convenience, security, and long-term cost savings make them a worthwhile investment for any backyard farmer. Explore the recommended products, educate yourself about solar power, and embark on a greener farming journey!


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