Plans For A Chicken Coop

7 BEST Plans For A Chicken Coop in Any Size

Building your own diy chicken coop can be a fun and rewarding experience for those interested in raising chickens and having their own coop. However, before you start constructing, it's essential to have a solid chicken coop plan in place.

A good set of chicken coop plans will not only help you build a sturdy and functional home for your flock, but it will also ensure that your chickens are happy and healthy. Plus, you will feel great about building it yourself and watching your chicken coop ideas come to life!


Start With Coop Plans by Experts

One of the best ways to get started with building a diy coop is to find excellent plans created by experienced chicken owners who are either carpenters themselves, or they have experience building coops.

These individuals have gone through the process of trial and error and can offer insights into what works for a chicken coop plan and what doesn't. They will also know the ins and outs for making chicken keeping easier and include these details in the chicken coop plan.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available online that offer these plans, and we are going to share some of the best right here. Everyone is looking for something different in terms of style and sizing, so here are the best options that will fit your own, personal needs.


What to Look For in Your Chicken Coop Plans

When searching for chicken coop plans, it's important to consider the size of your flock and the space you have available.



You'll want to ensure that the coop is large enough for your backyard chickens to move around comfortably and lay their eggs in their designated nesting box, and maybe for more chickens in the future.

You will also want to make sure you have enough nesting boxes in the right size as well, which should be included in your chicken coop plan.

Wondering how big of a chicken coop for 20 chickens?

This is a question we get asked quite often, it must be a common number for backyard chickens! (You know, you get 5 or 6 chickens to start, then well.. chicken math and then you have 20 chickens and need to know how big of a coop you need!) So if you want to know how big of a chicken coop for 20 chickens, we are going to cover the size of coop for 20 chicken in more detail below, but aim for 60-80 sq. feet in size.


Nesting Box

It's also quite handy if the chicken coop plan has an exterior nest box so you can access your fresh eggs from outside, without having to go into the coop.

*Here are some of my girls getting cozy in their nesting boxes from a bird's eye view. I am standing outside my coop with the lifting door up so I can look down and see them. It's super handy being able to access the nesting box from the outside.

Chicken coops need to have good nesting boxes, so remember this tip when shopping!

Nesting Boxes



It is important to also have proper ventilation and insulation, so your chickens can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

You may think that having ventilations will make your chickens cold in the winter, but it is a necessary adjustment or addition for any coop design for air flow.


Floor Space

You will also want adequate space planned in the design for roosting perches. Whether you want a small chicken coop, a tall coop or a simple chicken coop, you will need a place for your chickens to roost at night.


Make Sure You Can Fit

One last factor we recommend considering is space for you to walk into for easy cleaning of your chicken coops. If you plan for easy cleaning, you will get easy cleaning and you will will be thankful, trust me on this one.

*Here's a photo of me about to clean out my chicken coop with my chicken coop cleaning mask on.

Cleaning out a coop

These are just some of the important factors to consider when shopping for plans for a good chicken coop, and here are some other things to consider.


Predator Proofing Your DIY Chicken Coop

Another essential factor to consider when building your own diy chicken coop is predator-proofing it. It's not uncommon for predators such as raccoons, foxes, and even neighborhood dogs to try to get into the coop.

Chicken Coop Predator

Using good materials and ensuring that all openings such as are properly secured can help protect your chickens from harm and help you have a solid, sturdy coop as well.

Look for good quality wood and even other predator proofing materials such as hardware mesh. These is great to have for your coop and run.

You can also read more about predator proofing your chicken coop here.


Adding an Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Another item we recommend in your own chicken coop plan is an automatic chicken coop door. Not only will the door be predator proof when it is closed, but it will make life so much easier as you can program it yourself when you want it to open, or it can open and close automatically with the sunrise and sunset.

Auto Coop Door For Chicken Coop

If you are not going with a metal door that is automatic, make sure it is a solid chicken door that you can rely on.

Here is a video of us installing an automatic chicken coop door on our backyard coop to get an idea of how they work:


Overall, building your own diy chicken coop or hen house can be a fulfilling experience, but it's important to start with a good set of plans for your chicken coop, and then finding the perfect materials, like chicken wire, hardware mesh and wood or even recycled wood (but still good quality wood).

By researching and finding plans created by experienced chicken owners, you can feel confident in the construction process and provide a safe and comfortable home for your feathered friends.

Let's start by looking at the best online diy coop plans that you can download to get started building your perfect coop right away!


In this article, we will include:

  • Plans for 10 or less chickens
  • Plans for 10-15 chickens
  • Plans for 20+ chickens

    Let's get started.

    Chicken Coop DIY Plans 

    Plans For A Chicken Coop

    Chicken Coop Plans For 10 Chickens or Less

    When building a chicken coop for 10 or less chickens, it should be around 4 x 8 feet in size. This means 10 chickens will have around 32 square feet of coop space, and this should accommodate an average sized breed. Look for designs with nesting areas included in or attached to the chicken house.

    See all of the coop plans for 10 or less chickens right here


    1. Chicken Coop B&B Plans | 10 - 15 Chickens

    See the plans here

    Small chicken coop plans

    This specific diy chicken coop is designed to house to 8 to 15 chickens, depending on the size of the birds. The chicken house measures 8 x 8 feet, with an additional 4-foot nest boxes. The overall height of the coop is 7 feet and 9 inches.

    The coop design features a raised platform to protect the chickens from predators, deter predators (especially digging predators) and to provide the chickens inside with a comfortable living space/ floor space.

    The plan also includes a large front access doors for easy access, a removable roof for cleaning (which is super handy), and plenty of ventilation to keep the coop dry and healthy; something that is totally necessary.

    small coop plans

    The tall peak of this chicken coop pulls hot air (and excess moisture) up and out of the hen house allowing for great ventilation. Here is what the coop designer says about this:

    This is one of the most important features of this chicken coop, lots of ventilation between the walls and roof, plus dedicated ventilation on the back. I designed with plenty of ventilation because I don't like worrying! I like knowing they are cool and happy out there.

    pdf chicken coop plans

    Overall, this little house design is a well-designed and functional option for those looking to house a small to medium-sized flock of chickens and for those who want fantastic ventilation in a beautiful design.


    2. Chicken Coop & Run Plans | 4 - 10 Chickens

    See these plans right here

    Chicken coop plans

    The design of the coop is a traditional A-frame shape with a raised section that can be used for nesting areas and a lower section for the chickens to roam around in and be perfectly safe.

    The hen house plans or chicken coop plan includes detailed instructions on how to construct the coop, a complete materials list, step-by-step assembly instructions and diagrams to guide you through the process. The plans also include a video tutorial to make the building process even easier, which is nice!

    According to the seller, the chicken coop is designed to be easy to build and is suitable for those with basic carpentry skills.

    printable chicken coop plans

    Overall, if you are looking for a plan to build a chicken coop that can accommodate up to 10 chickens, the design and instructions provided by these plans seem to be a good option.

    This would be great for a small backyard coop if you want to just have a few chickens with possible plans to grow up to ten chickens. It's a great option to have your own eggs for just your family, plus it is a really nice coop design.

    I personally like that this coop is an elevated coop design as it provides a natural shaded area underneath where chickens can escape the sun or rain, and they can easily dust down there as well.


    3. Chicken Coop Building Plans | 5 - 12 Chickens

    See plans right here

    Coop plans

    This coop design includes a raised section that can be used as nesting boxes for and a lower section for the chickens to roam inside.

    The plans includes everything you need for not only getting the build right, but making it an easy coop build as well.

    Here is everything you get with this plan:

    • 31 pages of comprehensive CAD drawings
    • detailed 3d diagrams
    • step by step instructions
    • material list
    • cut lists
    • recommended tools list
    • and all key measurements and details

    DIY chicken coop

      This is a nice, easy to build indoor coop that is perfect for up to ten chickens. Additionally, these plans can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences, and the seller offers a 30 day money back guarantee, as well as free email support.


      This chicken coop plan features:

      • 24 square feet of space
      • Five large nesting boxes
      • Hinged lid for easy egg gathering
      • Three roost rails
      • Large access door for easy cleanup
      • Two single hung windows
      • Sturdy construction framing

      coop for 10 chickens plans

        Be sure to check this coop design out! It was beautifully created by a well-experienced carpenter who has tried and tested the design.


        Chicken Coop Plans For 10 - 15 Chickens

        When building a chicken coop for 10 - 15 chickens, you are going to want to plan for around 4 square feet of coop space per average sized bird. So look for plans between 40 - 60 square feet.

        See all of the coop plans for 10 - 15 chickens right here


        1. Farmhouse Styled Chicken Coop | 12 - 16 Chickens

        See it here

        Chicken coop plans for 10-15 chickens

        The chicken coop featured here is just gorgeous. This farmhouse style design features a large, spacious interior with ample room for the chickens to move around and engage in their own natural behaviors like scratching and dusting.

        The coop includes a raised section that can be used for nesting boxes, and a lower section for the chickens to roam. The design also includes a large covered run area, providing the chickens with plenty of outdoor space while still protecting them from predators while still looking beautiful from the outside.

        Beautiful coop plans

        The plans include a complete materials list, step-by-step assembly instructions, and diagrams to guide you through the build. This build requires a little bit of knowledge for the construction of it.

        DIY chicken coop plans

        It's important to note that while the plans are relatively easy to follow, building a chicken coop does require some level of construction experience and the use of power tools. Additionally, the seller notes that the plans can be customized to fit your specific needs and preferences.

        Chicken coop door plans

        Overall, if you are looking for a plan to build a large chicken coop that can accommodate up to 15 chickens, this cute design is a good choice if you want a beautiful design in a small coop that will keep your chickens safe and make egg collection easy.


        2. Coop Plans With Attached Run | 15 Chickens

        See plans right here

        Plans for 15 chicken coop

        These chicken coop plans offer a unique design that includes an attached run area, providing ample space for up to 15 chickens to move around in and be comfortable.

        The attached run feature allows chickens to safely access the outdoors while remaining protected from predators and getting into your gardens, like chickens love to do!

        Printable coop plan idea

        In addition to the attached run area, the coop itself features a raised section for a nesting box area and a lower section for the chickens to roam around in. The plans come with detailed instructions, a complete materials list, and diagrams to make the building process as easy as possible.

        These plans are ideal for those with basic carpentry skills who are looking for a functional and secure chicken coop design that includes an attached run area.

        With the ability to customize the plans to fit your specific needs and preferences, this design provides a great option for those looking to build a coop that accommodates a larger flock of chickens.


        Chicken Coop Plans For 20 Chickens

        When building a chicken coop for 20 chickens, you are going to want to plan for around 60 - 80 square feet for your chicken coop.

        See all of the coop plans for 20+ chickens on Etsy right here


        1. The Poultry Barn Design | 20 Chickens

        See the plans right here

        Coop plans for twenty chickens

        Here is a design from a well established chicken coop designer (you will definitely want to check out this listing, they offer many, many designs for chicken coops in a variety of different sizes!).

        See all the different chicken coop plans from this designer right here

        The Poultry Barn has a 8 foot wide by 10 foot deep footprint on the main building and a 4 foot by 7 foot 3&1/2 inch side run.

        The Poultry Barn has a 8 foot wide by 6 foot deep storage area in front as well. This will house up to 16 laying hens easily and is a total of 80 square feet in size.

        Large chicken coop plans

        This PDF plan includes 29 pages of instructions for an easy to build chicken coop that looks fabulous.


        2. Cluck Canyon Coop Plans with Walk In Chicken Run | 20 Chickens

        See it here

        20 chicken coop plans

        These chicken coop plans are designed for a 9 x 42ft walk-in coop that can house up to 20 chickens. The plans include detailed instructions and diagrams to help you build the coop from scratch.

        The coop itself, is designed to be both functional and attractive, with plenty of space for the chickens to move around and get access to natural light which they need for good egg production (and egg collection!).

        The coop features a large run area that is covered with wire mesh to protect the chickens from predators. The run area is attached to the coop itself, which is divided into two sections: a sleeping area and a laying area.

        The sleeping area includes roosting bars for the chickens to rest on at night, while the laying area includes a nesting box location where the chickens can lay their eggs and for you to collect eggs.

        Downloadable coop plans

        The plans also include a materials list and cutting diagrams to help you purchase and cut all the necessary materials to build the coop. Whether you are a seasoned builder or a beginner, these plans can help you create a comfortable and secure home for your feathered friends.

        These plans also come with 24-7 email support and a 30 day money back guarantee.

        See all of the coop plans for 20+ chickens right here



        Building your own chicken coop can be a super fun and rewarding way to add your own personal style and touch to your backyard. Especially with all of the really beautiful diy designs out there, there is no reason why you can't have your dream chicken coop. Plus, building your own chicken coop will save money!

        You don't need to buy an expensive coop when you can build your own, whether you want a larger coop or something small for three chickens, six chickens or eight chickens (or more). You can find exactly the size and style you want or need.

        Or perhaps you want double doors for ease of access or just the farmhouse aesthetic, or a slanted roof if you live somewhere where you get lots of snow in winter. You can really find your perfect chicken coop plan and start gathering your building materials such as wood, finishing materials and hardware mesh or hardware cloth.

        So have a look through the chicken coop ideas and chicken coop plans we recommend from these experienced builders and chicken owners, and you can always contact them to ask about their plans as well. You can even check out some of the the portable chicken coop ideas and the A frame chicken coop plans.

        That is why we really like supporting these amazing small stores! The service and quality you get is fantastic.


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