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The Farmers Cupboard is a website encompassing everything we are passionate about. Here's how it came to be.

Growing and harvesting our own food, honey, eggs, flowers and herbs is a lifestyle that we love and we are passionate about sharing it with others.

The idea for "The Farmers Cupboard" came from a giant wooden container we bought on wheels. We wanted to place it at the end of our driveway, put a little fridge inside of it and sell our harvested vegetables, eggs and honey. Our container looked like a massively oversized cupboard, so what a better name for it than The Farmers Cupboard?

And so the website soon followed.

The Farmers Cupboard website exists to share our backyard adventures in harvesting, growing and cooking those delicious home grown foods, and sharing how you can live the fulfilling backyard farming lifestyle as well.

About Us The Farmers Cupboard


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We are a small family of 4 living in the Okanagan in British Columbia. Along with my husband Jeremy, our son and daughter and our little dog, (plus our chickens, ducks and bees) we welcome you to The Farmers Cupboard.


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About Us