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A Little About Us.

In keeping backyard chickens, honey bees and growing our own food, we wanted to share some of our harvest. One day, we came across a giant outdoor cupboard for sale. This cupboard was a custom built cupboard with two huge swing doors. We found it for sale at a local store, and the owner had it built for a market.

Well, we instantly knew we had to buy it, as the dream has been to sell our home grown and made goods at the end of our driveway.

The Farmers Cupboard website exists to share our backyard adventures in harvesting, growing and cooking those delicious home grown foods, and sharing how you can live the fulfilling backyard farming lifestyle as well!

Along with my husband, our son and daughter and our little dog, we welcome you to The Farmers Cupboard. Be sure to follow us on our Instagram for our day to day backyard business, and please sign up to be our virtual neighbour on the mailing list! We love making new friends :)

What's currently happening in our own backyard?

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