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Where To Buy Beeswax &| Support Beekeepers!

Beeswax is an amazing byproduct that comes from our little friends, the bees.

There are so many different uses for beeswax, and there is always a demand for natural products, whether you want to use real beeswax for yourself and around your home, or you want to make beeswax products to sell!

Raw beeswax is an amazing product as it is used for so many different purposes. You can read all of the BEST ways to use beeswax here.


Pure Beeswax Wrap Products

Beeswax Wraps for food

What is Beeswax Used For? 

Beeswax is used for:

      Beeswax candle making


        It is important when making these products, to find a high quality, pure beeswax, and when you purchase directly from beekeepers, you can usually get your beeswax in 1 pound bars where you can shave or cut off the amount of beeswax you need.

        Pure beeswax will have a sweet honey smell and will be the best quality for your natural, handmade products and projects. But how can you tell if it is the real thing?


        How To Know if Beeswax is Pure or Real

        In order to find true beeswax when you are shopping around, you should first know:

        • where it is coming from (the location)
        • who is selling it (is it direct from a farmer or from beekeepers)
        • and if it is pure

        You certainly do not want to buy a beeswax product that has been mixed with another type of wax, or one that has been bleached or who knows what else.

        We are backyard beekeepers at my home. We don't make enough to sell it, but we do use it for many of our own purposes around the house and on certain projects.

        The below picture is an accurate photo of what beeswax can look like once it is collected from the honey frames and it is boiled down.

        Some farmers strain it much further than this for sale, but I will share with you exactly what to look for and give you some recommendations of real beekeepers you can buy your beeswax from for your candle making, lip balm making and for your other projects.

        Pure Yellow Beeswax


        We are going to recommend some beeswax sellers for you who are the real deal. For each beekeeper, we are going to share where they collect their wax from, their story, and further details such as how they package their product for purchasing, or their shipping details.

        We will also look at their average customer reviews so you can feel really good about the product you are purchasing, and who you are supporting in your purchase.

        We, as beekeepers, like to support other farmers, and find that buying direct from these suppliers ensures products like beeswax is natural and is free of debris and other additives.

        You can also read where to buy honeycomb from beekeepers here.

        Let's talk about where to get pure beeswax from, so you can go ahead and make your homemade lip balm, soap products, hair care products, beeswax candles and more.


         Where to buy real beeswax


        Before we get into our list of recommended beekeepers, let's first talk about which beeswax is best for your project.

        There is a lot of discussion around what is the best beeswax, what is the difference between white and yellow raw beeswax, what is organic wax and pure wax, and more. Let's discuss these questions.


         Yellow and white beeswax


        What Is The Difference Between Yellow And White Beeswax

        As beekeepers, our wax has always naturally been yellow in color.

        This is important to note because the only thing we do to our beeswax is filter all of the extra remnants out after the melting process, such as bits of bee and any little solid pieces that might find their way into the wax (pollen, propolis.. etc). This is why the wax is always filtered after boiling.

        After melting our wax down, we like to place it into a mold so it can harden. Many people find cute little molds for their wax, we simply like to keep ours in wax bars.

        We have had different shades of yellow wax varying from dark to light to bright yellow beeswax, but we have never produced a white beeswax before. That is because our filters do not filter out the bee propolis and the pollen that gets mixed into the wax, which naturally make beeswax yellow. We also don't bleach our wax.

        Honestly, I wouldn't want to filter any of those fantastic natural inclusions out. So between yellow and white beeswax for sale, we would personally go for the yellow.

        Let's talk about the natural ingredients that make beeswax yellow: propolis and pollen.

        What Is Propolis?

        Often referred to as "bee glue", propolis is a natural substance produced by the bee that is resinous in consistency. According to The National Library of Medicine, bees use propolis to essentially seal their hive.

        "Due to its waxy nature and mechanical properties, bees use propolis in the construction and repair of their hives for sealing openings and cracks and smoothing out the internal walls and as a protective barrier against external invaders [..]"

        It is interesting to note that propolis has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries varying form the Egyptians, to Greek and Roman physicians.

        The Library of Medicine goes on to say that "Nowadays, propolis is a natural remedy found in many health food stores in different forms for topical use. It is also used in cosmetics or as popular alternative medicine for self-treatment of various diseases".

        What Is Pollen?

        Pollen is what the bee collects and then mix with a saliva substance. They then brush it onto their hind legs making and meticulously adding to what is called "pollen baskets". You will often see the bees with bright yellow and orange balls of pollen on their back legs, and that is what they are it is.


        Bee Baskets Gathering Pollen


        The honeybees carry the pollen back to their hive. It is packed away into the little wax cells in their frames and is capped. At this stage, it is called "bee bread".

        Again, according to the National Library of Medicine, bee pollen is very healthy. "bee pollen is a valuable apitherapeutic product greatly appreciated by the natural medicine because of its potential medical and nutritional applications. It demonstrates a series of actions such as antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anticancer immunostimulating, and local analgesic".

        You can see why we prefer our wax to be yellow as opposed to white, where these beneficial substances have been completely removed from the beeswax, but that is just our own preference. The color preference of beeswax is completely up to you and your craft and needs.

        What Is Organic Beeswax?

        Something interesting, according to Brian Thompson, owner of Honey Lake Bee Company, be aware when purchasing pure beeswax from a seller claiming it is "organic beeswax" as it comes from imported sources.

        Brian says:

        I know it sounds crazy, but USA laws do not allow us to claim our beeswax as "organic". USDA regulations state that because honey bees travel 2-3 miles from their hive, EVERYTHING within their range has to be organic - impossible in the USA. However, wax coming from foreign sources can make the claim (no verification needed) and be labeled as "organic".

        This is something we, and most beekeepers, already know, and it is especially true for honey as well. So back to my point near the top, this is why it is important to know where the beeswax is coming from.

        What farmers can tell you, is that their product is natural, and they can tell you where it is sourced from. This is what you can go by to get that beautiful, natural product you are looking for.

        Now, let's talk about purchasing beeswax. You can either order beeswax in bars, blocks, by the pound, or in pellets/pastilles when you get it from the farmers for your natural homemade products.


        Homemade Beeswax Candles

        Beeswax Forms

        There are different forms ways which you can order your beeswax in: pellets,  bars and in bulk/raw form. Here are the differences for each:


        Beeswax Pellets

        Beeswax pellets are tiny, hardened pieces of wax that look like small droplets.

        Many people like purchasing beeswax pellets (sometimes called pastilles) because they can easily scoop and measure for precise measurements if you are weighing it for projects such as candle making, lip balms and soaps.


        Beeswax Pellets 


        Beeswax Bars Or Blocks

        When you order a beeswax block from a farmer or beekeepers, this means that they have melted and filtered the beeswax into a single mold. These can come in half pound, 1 pound, 5 pound or higher beeswax blocks and are usually one solid piece of beeswax.


        Real Beeswax Sellers (Beekeepers)

        Here are some great online shops to buy beeswax pastilles, block and bars from, directly from a beekeeper.

        *These shops are listed in no particular order.


        1. Real Beeswax from North Dakota & Minnesota 

        Check price here

        Here is some really high quality beeswax from a family business who has been beekeeping since the 1920's.

        Mark and Becca have a honey farm where they handle all of the cleaning and filtering of the beeswax all on their own.

        When you order from them, you get 100% raw, natural beeswax.

        Nothing is added to their wax, there are no other oils or fillers. Just pure beeswax right from their beehives, located in North Dakota and Minnesota.


        Beeswax for furniture


        The raw beeswax is melted, filtered and cleaned and then is poured into molds where it is cooled and becomes a solid block, ready to ship to you to be made into candles, furniture wax, waterproofing wood and finishing your chalk painted furniture and art.

        *We have personally tried their beeswax out and it is a really great product, we especially love using it in homemade beeswax wraps!

        Learn how to make beeswax wraps here


        2. Beeswax Pellets from California

        Check price here

        If you are looking for quality beeswax that comes straight from the hive, you are in luck. This is a small farm based in Mill Valley, California and they produce natural beeswax that you can purchase online and have sent right to your door.

        This beeswax is 100% pure, it is triple filtered and it is also cosmetic grade. There are no chemicals used at all and their wax is never bleached.

        Yellow Beeswax Pellets

        See a quick 360 degree video showing what their beeswax pellets look like.

        Anything Bees has a great story:

        Starting in 2010, when Roy got his first three beehives because he wanted to help the honey bee population, Roy eventually founded AnythingBees in order to raise funds to do research on his hives and better protect bees from viruses and mites that contribute to killing more than 40% of hives each year.

        His efforts to support the bee population includes starting a beekeeping program at the local high school, several internships at university bee labs, presenting the research findings at a national conference in 2016, traveling to developing nations to help the local beekeepers, and teaching kids about the importance of bees to the future of our planet.

        Not only can you buy yellow beeswax from this beekeeper, but you can also buy bulk beeswax in 10lb blocks as well.


        3. Beeswax Pellets from Illinois

        Check price here

        Here is another direct from the farmer, pure beeswax pellets you can order. Brian Thompson, owner of Honey Lake Bee Company in Barrington, Illinois, has been working with honeybees for over 30 years. He teaches beekeeping classes and keeps hives in the yards of friends!

        Here is a photo of Brian's hives where the wax comes from:

        Beehives for Beeswax

        By purchasing from Brian, you support his efforts in purchasing more hives to spread around! How great is that?

        Help support honey bees buy purchasing from us - the more we sell, the more hives we can put in peoples backyards! We currently have about 130 hives scattered around the Chicago area - mostly in people backyards. We ONLY sell our honey and candles/ lip balm/ food saver wraps made by use!

        Honey Lake's Beeswax is:

        • 100% pure and natural
        • domestic USA beeswax
        • chemical free
        • triple filtered
        • cosmetic grade

        Natural Beeswax Pellets

        Check out the video of their beeswax pellets being poured out of the packaging right here to get a better idea of their size and color.

        This small beekeeping company is getting rave reviews: over 1000 of them and they average perfect 5 star ratings. This may be due to the fact that almost all of his purchased orders are shipped on time or ahead of time. That's amazing.


        4. Beeswax from Minnesota

        Check price here

        Gardner Bees is run by Jonathon Gardner who began beekeeping when he moved to the United States from the UK.

        Jonathon has this to say about this business:

        First and foremost, we are beekeepers. Our job is to protect, nurture and support our bees to make strong, healthy colonies. The reward from that is a good crop of delicious honey. 

        The second part of beekeeping is selling that crop of honey, and beekeepers do that in many different ways. [...] Our goal is to remain firmly grounded in what we enjoy - keeping bees.

        Gardner Bees has many hives that are spread out across the state of Minnesota. You can buy their beeswax in 1 pound beeswax blocks and it comes in shades of yellow from bright and fresh yellow to orange in color.


        Block of Pure Beeswax


        Each block comes individually wrapped in wax paper, but it is nice to know that you can request minimal packaging when you order, in the contact section for some eco-friendly purchasing.


        Natural beeswax blocks


        The beeswax from Gardner Bees is harvested in July to August with it is at its brightest and is most fresh.

        This little shop gets raving reviews from buyers, mostly in the 5 star range!


        5. Raw, Natural Beeswax From Washington/Oregon

        Check price here

        The wax you get when ordering from Mill Creek Honey comes directly from their own hives in Oregon. The owner is a master beekeeper and works in remote locations with their bees.

        Raw Beeswax


        What is nice is that you can request certain colors from this shop and they can do their best to try to accommodate based on what is available at the time of ordering, as certain beehives are located near buckwheat flowers for example, and this produces a darker wax. Isn't that interesting?


        Melted Beeswax

        Another unique ordering options with this company, is that you can request special wrapping if you want to avoid any or all plastics.

        They will package their beeswax for you with wax paper or plain, regular paper. You can even supply them with your own wrapping materials for no extra charge.

        6. Beeswax from Ohio

        Check price here

        This small shop is a direct from the beekeeper experience. Based in Newton Falls, Ohio, Stephanie is a second-generation beekeeper whose core mission is to practice, share and promote ethical, sustainable beekeeping.

        Beeswax Brick

        About her beekeeping practices, she says:

        I am also committed to being the best steward, as well as raising awareness of the importance of honeybees, and our local pollinator insects to our environment and food consumption. I take the health of all my honeybees very seriously.

        I love sharing my passion with my family, friends, customers, and well anyone who wants to learn about honeybees and their importance to our environment.

        Stephanie's beeswax is cleaned and is triple filtered from her own hives when she harvests. The honeybees on her farm are naturally treated which means no antibiotics, drugs or non-organic chemicals are used, and they never bleach beeswax. We love this.

        We hope you found this list of where you can purchase beeswax direct from the beekeepers handy! Be sure to bookmark it or share it so you can find it again, as we will update with more great sellers.

        Here are some other questions people are asking about buying beeswax:

        Is beeswax healthy to eat?

        Beeswax is edible. Our favorite thing to do during the honey harvest season is just take a big spoon of honey from the comb, wax and all, and eat it. I prefer to chew the wax and spit it out, but many others just eat the wax and this is totally fine.


        Is beeswax good for lips?

        Beeswax has many healthy benefits as an occlusive and many makeup producers include beeswax in their produces as it seals the moisture in where it is applied. This is a key benefit to keeping lips and skin from losing moisture.


        Where You Can Buy Beeswax "Near You"

        Here is a question that is asked often: where can you buy beeswax near you, if you are not interested in shopping online though a trusted beekeeper, like Sperry's.

        You can try searching your local Facebook groups if you want to find who sells beeswax close to where you are located, but here is a better idea.

        What we suggest is searching on this homemade seller website.

        Once you click the link we have preset for you for beeswax, click on "all filters" and enter "custom shop location". Just remember if you are looking for beeswax near you or you go to search "buy beeswax near me", please remember what we said about how to shop for real beeswax and what to look for so you can feel good about your candle making, lip balms and other project-based practices.


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          • LINNEA - The Farmers Cupboard: December 03, 2023

            Hi Taylor, thanks for reaching out! We don’t sell our beeswax online unfortunately, if we have excess we will sell it locally with our honey at Farmer’s Markets. But the beekeepers I have listed in this article all sell theirs. Beeswax is basically like pure gold to a beekeeper. It takes years for the bees to build up, and it is incredible how they make it for their foundations. I will share our article with you on how to make beeswax candles though, hope this helps you out: https://www.thefarmerscupboard.com/blogs/bees-honey/how-to-make-beeswax-candles Best of luck :)

          • taylor shaw: December 03, 2023

            Hello my name is Taylor,

            I have recently been dealing with mosquitos and dust issues in my home. I wanted to try to make some candles to cover the scent of my dogs as well as keep some critters out of the house. I don’t have much money at the moment and my son was just diagnosed with asthma just like me . I have used the bees wax before and it helps with allergies and insects . If there is any possibility that maybe I can try to use your wax to make some candles ? I have never made one before and I would be willing to send you some as well if you could help me out. Please let me know if you could make a small donation so I can try it out . That would be greatly appreciated also if you have or know any tips on making these candles please let me know.

            Thank you and hope to hear soon.

          • LINNEA - The Farmers Cupboard: October 10, 2022

            Hi Frank, thanks for your comment! Are you a beekeeper? You can typically sell anything that is not a food product through your own website, through Etsy (which is a handmade/makers website), at a farmers market or just from your door with advertising. Not sure where you are based, but you would have to look into whether there are labelling requirements for specific wording on your packaging. We sell our own honey (just locally where I am based) and through my government website there were specific labelling requirements and guidelines for wording, container size, weight etc. Of course, that is for honey, but just some insight there for you. Be sure to keep in touch (on here or through our Instagram @the.farmers.cupboard) and let us know if you start selling, we would love to check you out!

          • FRANK DALY: October 10, 2022


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