Best chicken coop camera

6 BEST Chicken Coop Cameras for 2024

When we first moved into our home on the acreage, we looked at the old barn on the property and thought, this would make a fantastic little chicken coop. In fact, I think the previous owners at some point had used it as a chicken coop.

We spent the time and cleaned it all out, which was quite a job. We nailed chicken wire to the windows and secured the door in place, and ordered some fertilized eggs from a nearby town. We always enjoyed hatching our own chickens and so we placed them into our egg incubator, marked them on each side and turned them several times a day for 21 days until one by one, they hatched!

Once our chickens were ready and big enough, we moved them out into the backyard coop several months later. I think there were around 12 or so, it was a good hatch rate that year.

Unfortunately though, we woke up one morning to something terrible. In one single night, something had ripped through our chicken wire window and gotten into the coop. Every single chicken we had was sadly killed. It was very sad and honestly was quite hard on me.


We wished we had a chicken coop camera that night to keep our chickens safe.


We ended up tearing the coop down that fall, we didn't want to go through something like that again. Having the old building just didn't feel safe enough. I assume that the culprit was one very hungry raccoon, but in our area there are a few different predators out there who are clever enough to break into a coop like that.

If I had a chicken coop camera at the time, I would know what got to them, and I might have even been alerted during the ordeal and could have gotten out to save them. It would have kept my little chickens safe. There is nothing worse than that feeling that maybe you could have done something differently for a better outcome.

I would probably get an automatic chicken coop door as well, but we'll save that topic for another article.

Here are all the ways to predator-proof your chicken coop

That is why I am writing this article today, to share the benefits of having a coop camera so you can keep an eye on any nocturnal threat that may be lurking around and casing your coop, anytime of the day or at night.


Chicken coop surveillance options


A chicken coop camera can tell you if there are any predators that are hanging around your coop, and some can even alert you if they are trying to get in so you can keep your chickens safe from active threats during their most vulnerable time.


Best Chicken Coop Camera


Best Chicken Coop Cameras

Coop cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your chickens so you know their potential threats and can intervene when necessary.


Secutiry cameras come in a variety of systems, including:

  • Motion detection and motion sensors
  • Surveillance cameras (continuous pan around)
  • Wifi camera
  • Infrared light cameras


      Sometimes you will get a combination of these models in one camera. I would like to say that the most important feature, maybe to me when choosing the best coop camera, is one that has really good night camera (you can either get colored night cameras or infrared night vision). I believe this is really important to have, as most predators will try to get in your coop after nightfall.

      So the options listed in this article all have excellent night vision. I will say that right upfront.

      When it comes to choosing the best chicken coop camera for you, it all depends on which features and power system combinations you prefer.

      There are many other cameras available to look at, but if you are not sure which camera will work best with your chicken pen or chicken coop, we will help you by looking at the pros and cons of each type of camera.

      We are also going to talk about how they are each powered (battery, solar panel powered or by a power source nearby such as an electrical panel [hardwired] for a continuous power supply, or plugged in power).

      Let's get into it.


      Types Of Chicken Coop Cameras

      Here are the different camera choices to consider before purchasing.


      Motion Detection Chicken Coop Cameras

      Motion detection cameras work by sensing any motion that occurs, typically at night by using infrared light. Once any motion is detected in their range of sight, they turn on and either begin recording, like a trail camera.


      Chicken Coop security system


      Otherwise, they are connected to a wifi signal and send a real time alert to your smart device (phone, computer, tablet or smart speaker).

      Regardless of their make though, typically once a person or animal walks by the camera, the motion triggers the power to come on and either records them or sends you a live feed.


      Security Camera for chicken coop


      The video or photos (you sometimes have the option for one or the other) can be stored in a camera card (if your camera has one) or in the units' internal storage, or can be backed up on a cloud storage; typically with a subscription service.

      Because movement detection + recording trail cam style cameras are typically battery operated, they are really not used as an alerting system, but rather as an informational system letting you know if and what kind of animal is hanging around your coop. Plus, they are usually set up on a trail not near a wifi signal and therefore most don't have the ability to alert you in real time.

      A pro with this system though, is that it only turns on when there is motion present, so the batteries will have a very long life, plus, you won't have to review the entire night of footage to determine what animals are there. Again, it only records motion, so think of it like it will only show you the interesting highlights of the night.


      Best Cameras For Chicken Coops


      You can also use rechargeable batteries for these battery operated cameras and get a battery charger. We always use rechargeable batteries for everything AA and AAA in our house, it is really handy to not have to buy batteries continuously.

      Check the price of the AA & AAA battery charger we recommend here

      Compare price of all battery chargers here


      Surveillance Camera System For Chicken Coops (usually live view)

      A surveillance camera system is meant to give a home owner a better all-around idea of what is happening on their property and around their house/garage. These are systems that are meant to give the ultimate protection to a home owner. These typically come in the form of an outdoor wireless security camera.

      This system would work very well as a coop camera; especially if you do not already have a surveillance system for your home. This is a system that I highly recommend considering, as these units will come with the option to purchase many cameras as a complete system you can set up around your home and windows, and you can also set one up at your chicken coop.

      Two birds, one stone.


      Chicken Coop Wifi Camera

      There are many indoor and outdoor camera options that come with wifi capabilities, including motion sensor cameras and surveillance camera systems. When you have a wifi camera, this just means you can log in to the system you have set up via your computer, tablet, phone or smart device and see in real time what is happening.

      This is a great option if you want to check in on your coop (or your home in general) from a different location if you are away or on vacation, or if you hear something in the night and want to see what it is.

      I particularly like this option because if I am alerted to something lurking around my coop in the middle of the night, I can log in on my phone in real time from my bed to see what is happening and determine if I need to get up and check on my chickens.

      Of course, if your coop is a bit too far from your router and you are worried about your wifi signal, you can purchase a wifi extender so the signal is strong out at the coop where your wifi camera is.

      We have a wifi extender that we keep in our greenhouse for camera purposes and also so we can have our Google home out there to listen to music while we are gardening! It is a great little investment. You will just need to make sure you have a power source or plug in for your wifi extender.

      It is also great to have so if you are far from your wifi, your phone can still connect to it and not use up mobile data.

      Check price of a wifi extender here

      So if real time surveillance is something you would like to have, we did some really good research and list a few fantastic chicken coop wifi cameras for you below.


      Power Source For Chicken Coop Cameras

      Many of the camera choices are going to be wireless cameras (battery charged) which you can easily attach to an already existing chicken coop.

      They will be powered typically via AA batteries but you can replace those with rechargeable batteries inside to save on the cost of new batteries. Some coop cameras will be solar powered and will require a small solar panel.

      The other chicken coop camera's will need to be wired in to a power source: either hardwired to your electrical panel, or plugged in to an outdoor outlet.

      There is a lot to consider when looking for a great camera to keep your chickens safe. We are going to break it all down for you to help you make that decision.


      How to keep chickens safe


      *We are also going to note that the cameras we are including in this list come from very reputable companies that have a long history of high quality products, so you won't find any knockoff or 3rd party sellers in this list.


      6 Best Chicken Coop Cameras

      Here are the 6 best chicken coop camera choices. We wanted to keep this list short and narrow it down to 4 or 5 cameras to consider, but these 6 were really the top choices we felt a chicken owner needed to consider.

      When choosing the top coop cam options, we took many things into consideration including:

      • power source
      • night vision infrared light
      • night vision distance
      • image quality and pixel quality
      • warranty/replacement
      • streaming videos for live view
      • video local storage or subscription storage options
      • if it is a weatherproof camera
      • highly rated by verified customers

          We also considered researching only trusted brand names with longevity in the business of safety and surveillance. No knock offs or short lived brands here.

          In saying all of that, here are the top choices to consider for best chicken coop cameras:


          1. Ring Spotlight Cam: Battery Powered With Solar Panel Charging Option

          Check price here

          The Ring camera system has been making huge waves in smart home security over the past decade or so, especially with this wireless chicken cam.

          Invented by Jamie Siminoff for his wife, he aimed to reinvent the doorbell so you could answer the door from anywhere. Ring cameras are used now not only for doorbells, but for home security, pet surveillance and to monitor homes indoors as well as outdoors while away or on vacation.

          Battery or Solar Powered Coop Security Camera

          It is hard to find a smart camera for safety and surveillance that can be used for a coop and alert you in real time of a threat, as many of these cameras identify "people only alerts" or cars, and they are made this way on purpose.

          The Ring camera sensitivity can be adjusted to catch wildlife motion alerts in the yard in the day or night and can alert you of a threat.


          How to keep foxes away from chicken coop

          best poultry camera


          Something really great about getting a Ring camera, is that you can hook it up to your Alexa Echo screen display and say "Alexa, show me the chicken coop" and it will bring the display up for you to see instantly.

          Of course, you can set this chicken coop wifi camera to your backyard, your side yard or even your front door or driveway. You can purchase more than one to have a look at several places in your yard or house at once.

          Check price of Alexa Echo Smart Display here


          Smart Chicken Coop Display Camera


          Here are some quick product details about the Ring Spotlight Battery Security Cameras:

          • Takes videos in HD
          • Can view your videos/audio live from anywhere
          • Can get alerts on your phone, tablet and computer when anything comes close to your camera
          • 2 way audio: can speak to whatever is coming near your camera and they will hear it
          • Can activate a siren to go off at your camera from anywhere
          • Can add a second battery pack for backup or can add a solar panel to continually charge it
          • Has motion-activated LED spotlights that will come on

            This camera has over 30,000 reviews on Amazon and out of those, averages a 4.7 out of 5, so there are a lot of happy people who have purchased this camera. Here is part of a review from a buyer:

            The Ring Spotlight and Floodlight cams will turn on the lights at night when someone comes into the motion-sensing 'view' of the cameras. If I'm wondering who (or what) it might be, the security light is sufficient to light the area in color at 1080p resolution (at night!). If I want to look at a secured area in a low-light situation, the night-vision cameras give a good enough resolution to let me see my cars, the bushes, wild animals (we live in a wooded area), our cats, and just about everything else.

            Ring also offers something a lot of other providers don't; if your camera ever gets stolen, it comes with a lifetime theft protection for a free replacement.

            You can also record all of your videos and review anything you have missed for the last 180 days with a Ring Protect Plan (sold separately, see the listing).


            PROS of this coop camera:

            • The camera can show you live video on any smart device instantly

            • You can communicate with whatever is at your coop (can try to scare it off while you are going out to check your chickens, and let's face it, every second counts if something is after your flock!)

            • You can adjust the sensitivity to pick up anything so it is not limited to "people only" alerts like many systems

            • You can add a second battery or solar pack to charge it

            • Can check in on your coop anywhere; from the store or from your vacation

            • Can turn on an alarm and a spotlight if something triggers it, hopefully scaring it away

            • Works in temperatures of -5 F to 120 F (-20.5 C to 48.5 C)

            • Has the lifetime theft protection so if your camera gets stolen it is replaced for free

            CONS of this coop camera:

            • Really, the only con we came across what that it didn't record video for you to review, but you can optionally add on the Ring Protect Plan and it will record all of your videos with 180 days of review, so if that is important to you then you can add it on when your purchase it


            Summary of this camera: This is a great battery charged option if you want security cameras that can alert you in real time of what is at your coop, and you can see it on any screen immediately. You can also grab another camera to set up at your front door, driveway or wherever you want monitoring and watch any part of your yard or house at the same time and be alerted.

            You can view your coop, front door or garage by telling your Alexa to show you the chicken coop, show you the front door...etc.

            Go ahead and set up solar panels to charge your batteries with this version. This is a great system with many sold and many high star ratings, and the wifi camera works very well.


            2. Ring Floodlight Cam Pro: Hardwired

            Check best price here

            If you like everything we talked about in the previous point regarding the Ring Battery Powered Spotlight Camera, and you are looking for a wired option as opposed to a battery operated device, we would like to also share the Ring Floodlight Cam with you.

            Let's talk about why you might consider this wired version of a chicken coop camera instead of the previous battery charged version.

            Best Chicken Coop Camera

            This coop cam features real time viewing that you can pair with any smart device including your cell phone, tablet, computer and your Amazon Alexa and it gives you great video surveillance with audio.

            It also adds on a 110 dB security siren and 2000 lumen LED floodlights to really light up the night when there is unusual activity, which is a good way to scare off a potential predator as well.

            So this is a hardwired camera that has 1080p and color night views; the same as the wireless version in my previous point.

            An added feature to this wired version though, is the Ring's Bird's Eye View, which gives you arial views of motion activity so you can see exactly where your chicken thieves are in the yard, and just how close they are to your coop.

            It also has a 3D motion detection that gives you a more accurate reading of what is happening.


            Chicken and duck coop camera


            Installation of the wire for safety and surveillance in this camera is pretty easy if you are a bit of a handy person.

            You need to be able to turn off the power at the breaker and open it up, and connect the wire to it from where your camera is set up. Once this is done, flip the switch to turn the power back on and continue to set up the camera via the Ring app. Please only do this if you are knowledgeable in the area though.

            If you are not comfortable setting this up yourself, you can hire someone to do it. It will be a very fast job and wouldn't cost too much.

            Of course, if you really like the sound of this Ring floodlight Cam Pro, but prefer something a bit less expensive, there is the Ring Floodlight Cam Plus (also hardwired).

            Check price of the Ring Floodlight Cam Plus

            Compare price of the Ring Floodlight Cam Pro

            Here are the differences between the Pro and the Plus version of this floodlight cam:

            • Pro version: you get the 3D motion in the wired as well as Bird's Eye View
            • Pro version: Comes with HDR video in addition to the 1080p HD you get in both
            • Pro version: the sound is a bit louder coming in at 110dB as opposed to 105dB that the Plus version offers
            • The Pro version can connect to 2.4 GHz as well as 5.0 GHz, where the Plus can only connect to 2.4 GHz

              The last point is one you should really pay attention to if you have a poultry house that is far away from your internet connection. What is the difference between 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz?

              According to Century Link, a residential internet provider:

              A 2.4 GHz connection travels farther at lower speeds, while 5 GHz frequencies provide faster speeds at shorter range. Your choice of 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz will depend on where and how you use your WiFi connection most.

              There is really not too much of a difference in the wired vs. wireless options other than the Bird's Eye View and 3D motion detection as well as batteries, so you will have to weigh those against each other when deciding between wired vs. wireless security cameras to your coop or house.


              3D Chicken Coop Surveillance Camera


              Going back to the wired-in Ring flood light cam, here are some pro and con points to consider:

              PROS of this coop camera:

              • No batteries to change

              • Real time viewing that can be paired with your smart devices

              • Video surveillance with audio

              • Colored night vision

              • 3D motion detection

              • Bird's Eye View surveillance

              • Has the lifetime theft protection so if your camera gets stolen it is replaced for free

              CONS of this coop camera:

              • May need to have it professionally hardwired in if you are not comfortable doing it yourself

                Summary of this camera: Having a hardwired camera system; whether it is for your home security or poultry house surveillance (or both if you get more than one of these camera in for your home and coop) is a really fantastic option.

                You never have to worry about batteries running out, overheating in the summer, or it being too cold for them to function properly. You can connect one camera or multiple cameras for this system and get real-time notifications when motion is detected.

                You can operate your camera(s) through any of your smart devices (phone, computer, tablet, Alexa) and turn on the sound, the lights or the siren if you need to. You can also speak through your camera to talk to someone at your house, and you can do this from anywhere that has internet connection.

                You can even create motion zones in your cameras field of view for areas you want it to highly focus on, for example it may be focusing on the front of your coop but you may want it to highly focus in on the door.


                3. Ring Spotlight Cam Pro: Wired (Plug In Power Source)

                Check today's price here

                Ring really does have some of the best chicken coop cameras. Although they may not have initially been intended for chicken coops, they are fantastic security options.

                Wired Chicken Coop Camera

                This is a plug in security camera, so you don't have to hardwire it in to your electrical panel or worry about battery life. As long as you have a power source close to your chicken coop, you are good to go.

                Of course, if it is a bit further away, get yourself a good outdoor power cord extension, just make sure it is meant for the outdoors and that it is long enough.

                Check price of 50 ft. outdoor power cord here

                Compare all outdoor power cords here


                Power source for wired chicken coop camera


                Ring makes really great security cameras for safety and surveillance with good image quality and that is why they made our list a few times here for different power source options.

                What is nice about the plugged in version of this wifi camera, is that you get many of those great features of the Ring security cameras listed above with the ease if plugging it in.

                Like battery charged cameras, this may be an option to consider if you want to move your camera to different locations by simply moving the power source along with it.

                You can connect this camera to your smart devices including your Alexa and enable announcements so you can know as soon as there is motion detected at the coop.

                It also lets you see, hear and speak to any visitors who may be approaching your coop.


                wired chicken camera


                This camera plugs into all standard power outlets and includes built-in LED lights and a siren.

                You also get your standard 1080 HD video as well as night vision infrared light as well as Live View.


                PROS of this coop camera:

                • Plug in power source can be extended easily with an outdoor power cord (keeping in mind how far from your router you are, you may also want to get a wifi extender as well to make sure your internet reaches your coop)

                • Coop camera can be moved around with your power source

                • Infrared night vision

                • Has live view

                • Has two-way talk

                • Built in LED lights and a siren

                • Has the lifetime theft protection so if your camera gets stolen it is replaced for free

                CONS of this coop camera:

                • Doesn't have the 3D motion or Bird's Eye View feature that other Ring cameras have

                • May need to purchase additional devices to make sure everything works well (such as an outdoor extension cords and a wifi extender) depending on how far the wifi camera is from your power source and router

                  Summary of this camera: This is a great plugged in security camera for your  poultry house if you are looking for the fastest set up and go version, without having to worry about batteries.

                  No need to hardwire this into your home or have professionals come in and install it. It may not have as many surveillance features as the Ring battery charged or hardwired versions do above, but it will nevertheless do a great job of giving you your basic surveillance.


                  4. Google Nest Outdoor Cam: Wired (Plug In)

                  Check best price here

                  Google is name that everyone knows, and they are an up and comer in the outdoor security camera game. This camera is rated as a #1 Bestseller in Complete Surveillance Systems on Amazon and comes backed up with over 6500 ratings and reviews that average in 4.5 out of 5 stars.


                  Chicken Coop Cam by Google


                  With this Nest cam, you get 24/7 live video with 130 degree views of your home, yard, flock and coop day or night.

                  The night vision works with 8 high powered infrared LED's that are evenly let to achieve the best picture quality through an all-glass lens.

                  Another smart feature is that you get your alerts on your phone though the free Nest app wherever you are and you can install it yourself very easily.


                  PROS of this coop camera:

                  • Camera is weather resistant

                  • Plug in power source so don't have to worry about batteries or having it hardwired

                  • Has a dedicated Nest app to get phone alerts to motions or strange sounds

                  • Talk back feature so your voice cam be heard from the camera location

                  • Easy install: plug in the cable and adapter and mount the camera

                  • Night vision features 1080 HD and 8x zoom capabilities

                  • Can get additional Nest Aware to see video footage of what happened with 60 days of recording videos

                  • Google can recognize familiar faces and alert you as well if you decide to use this for home surveillance

                  • Can call emergency services when you are not at home right from the app

                  CONS of this coop camera:

                  • Need a subscription plan to get features such as video storage or to record video files (however, it is very reasonably priced and can be viewed right on the listing)

                  • As a plugged in camera, may also need an outdoor extension cord as well as a wifi extender if it is further from your power source and router

                    Summary of this camera: A plugged in power source and real time alerts: with a name like Google, you know you are getting top of the line quality with smart features. This weatherproof camera is easy to install and is powered by a plugged in wire.

                    It will easily integrate with your smart phone by downloading the app.

                    5. The Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera: Battery Powered

                    Check price here

                    See the recommended SD card to go with this camera here

                    Bushnell has been a trusted name in the outdoors world for many, many years in the United States and Canada, and they have been making many models of trail cams for the same amount of time.

                    This is the Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera:


                    Battery powered camera for a chicken coop


                    This camera is battery-based and requires 8 AA batteries (which are not included); however, Bushnell says of their battery system that it is "True 1 year battery life: Up to 1 year of battery life at an average of 35 daytime images and 35 nighttime images per day".

                    So it lasts up to 12 months on one set of AA batteries.


                    Best Battery Chicken Coop Camera


                    What is nice about this is you can hook it up anywhere on your coop: facing the door, around the back or pointed at your coop from the front. No need to hardwire this coop camera in anywhere or plug it in, it can be set up anywhere at any angle without having to take wires or cords into consideration.

                    We purchased this exact trail camera for our chicken coop about ten years ago when we lived in the Yukon after doing a ton of research, and Bushnell won due to the quality of image we could get in the cold winter temperatures of the north.

                    This coop camera has some notable features, and these include:

                    • Accepts up to a 32GB SD card (sold separately) and operates on 8 AA batteries (sold separately)
                    • 0.3 second trigger speed; 16MP maximum image resolution + LCD display
                    • 100 detection and illumination range; Low glow LED night vision flash
                    • Hyper Image Recovery: 1.0 second recovery means the camera takes more images.
                    • Dynamic video: 720p video records for up to 30 seconds while the animal is in front of the camera and stops immediately after they leave the frame
                    • True 1 year battery life: Up to 1 year of battery power at an average of 35 daytime images and 35 nighttime images per day
                    • Data stamp: Capture moon phase, time, date, temperature and GPS coordinates on each image
                    • Field scan 2X: Provides you two windows of image capture to capitalize on dusk and dawn movement
                    • Hybrid capture mode: Captures a full resolution image followed by a video on each trigger
                    • ARD LED Shield: Anti reflection shield reduces glare from LED cover for maximum concealment
                    • Weighs 544 g


                        PROS of this coop camera:

                        • This is a great camera if you want to get it in the mail and set it up immediately to start working; you will just need to grab 8 AA batteries and an SD card to insert into it where it will (so if you are purchasing grab everything all at once)

                        • This is a great price for what you get and it can be delivered right to your door

                        CONS of this coop camera:

                        • You will need to replace the batteries, but after 1 year of use. Not really a major con I guess, but just something to note. May want to consider rechargeable batteries.

                        • This will not alert you in real time if something is at the coop. This is for informational purposes to know what is trying to get at your coop and how so you can change it by reviewing your footage. For example, maybe a raccoon is trying to slide up your chicken coop door to get in, so now that you know this, maybe you are going to think about purchasing an automatic chicken coop door to keep predators and other wild animals from lifting it.


                        Summary of this camera: A battery powered camera that does not have smart capabilities to alert you in real time when something is approaching. This camera is great to review what animals are tying to get at your birds, but it won't alert you to a present threat.

                        You won't get a real time view on your smart device; but rather, you will review a recording of what happened the night before.


                        6. Browning Strike Force HD PRO Bundle: Battery Powered

                        Check today's price  here

                        Here is another very well-trusted name in the industry with a rich history that actually dates back to 1805 believe it or not! Browning has been around for a very long time, and it is because of the quality of their products.

                        With most trail cam systems, you will need a good SD card, and this is a nice bundle that actually comes with one. The SD card is 32 GB so it will hold plenty of footage before you have to wipe it.


                        Chicken Coop Camera Battery Powered


                        To put that into perspective for those of you who don't know how much video a GB of memory can hold, imagine that one standard movie can take up between 1 - 2 GB of memory, and they are typically 120 minutes long.

                        Not a standard by any means, but this will put it into perspective for your decision making of how much video memory 32 GB can hold.

                        Here are some more of the product details:

                        • 20MP | 1.5” Color View Screen bonus to be able to review your video right on the trail cam!)
                        • 120 ft. Flash Range | 80 ft. Motion Detection Range
                        • 1600 x 900 HD Videos with Sound (30FPS)
                        • 0.22 Second Trigger Speed
                        • Requires 6AA batteries
                        • Comes with a 32 GB SD Card
                        • Weighs 703g

                          It is nice that this one comes with sound, that is a good feature if you can't see exactly what is happening on screen at your coop.

                          Here is what Browning says of this specific camera:

                          The camera features a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor with an 80' detection range and a super fast 0.22-sec trigger speed for capturing images in response to subject movement. The infrared LED flash has a 120' range, and offers selectable IR settings for nighttime use.

                          Timelapse Plus shooting mode captures images at pre-set intervals over a designated period of time while still shooting motion-triggered pictures, and Browning's supplied BuckWatch Timelapse Viewer Software enables you to see patterns and changes over that period.


                          PROS of this coop camera:

                          • Has an infrared motion sensor with 80' of detection range for safety and surveillance

                          • Comes with a 32 GB SD card

                          • Can capture images at pre-set intervals over a designated period of time while still shooting motion-triggered images

                          • Comes with a time lapse viewer software so you can see patterns and changes over time

                          • Has an actual viewing screen so you can go out there and view directly on your trail cam without having to remove the SD card and plug it into a computer inside your house

                          CONS of this coop camera:

                          • Slightly more expensive than the Bushnell Trophy; however, it comes with everything you need (except the batteries)

                          • No smart capabilities or wifi; can't alert you in real time of a current threat. Again, like the Bushnell, it is used for reviewing what has been at your coop


                          Summary of this camera: Another battery power trail cam for your chicken coop that will not alert you with live view footage. This camera is great to review what animals are tying to get at your birds, but it won't alert you in real time of a threat.

                          This would be a camera to purchase, learn what is attacking your birds/coop, and allow you to take preventative measures accordingly, such as putting in a better gate, door system or wired fencing.

                          For example, perhaps you see a fox that is trying to dig under your current fence and returns nightly to work on the hold; it may tell you that you need to dig your fence a few feet under the ground, or invest in an electric fence to keep your livestock safe.

                          Wifi chicken coop camera

                          We hope we helped you make a great purchasing decision! We would be curious to know your power source choice and your camera choice and why.

                          Please bookmark this page and leave a comment, it may help us in our continued research as well as the other people who are shopping for the best chicken coop camera.


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                          Backyard fruit dehydrating ideas

                          Hi, I'm Linnea!

                          I'm the author behind The Farmers Cupboard.

                          Alongside my husband and our kids, we're passionate backyard hobby farmers.

                          We enjoy growing our own food, harvesting honey from the hives, and collecting fresh eggs from our chickens. It's a lifestyle that we will continue to grow.

                          Join us as we cultivate this community - bookmark the page you're on and let's grow something good together!

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                            very informative post and thanks for sharing

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