Where To Buy Honeycomb

Where To Buy REAL Honeycomb | 2024

Honeycomb, with its intricate hexagonal pattern and golden hues, is not just a natural masterpiece but a culinary delight packed with health benefits.

Today, we are going to dive right into the world of raw honeycomb; exploring its consumption, health advantages, and where you can find this amazing treat from some of the top honeycomb sellers who have small businesses with great reviews. This is where you are going to find where to buy honeycomb from.

We are beekeepers ourselves here at The Farmers Cupboard, and one of our favorite things to do when we have guests over, is go back to one of our hives, pull out a honey frame, and let our guests taste the honey and raw honeycomb right from the frame.

Beekeeper inspecting honey comb

*My husband looking at a frame of our honey bees


It is one of those sweet moments you really don't get to normally experience, but after tasting real honeycomb, you will have such an appreciation for where your honey comes from.

Raw honeycomb is truly a treat worth savoring, and trying, so when you are shopping for the real stuff, it is good to know where to buy honeycomb.


The Art of Harvesting: Understanding Honeycomb Production

What is honeycomb?

The hexagonal cells of honeycomb aren't just a random design; they are a testament to the remarkable efficiency and precision of honey bees. Bees construct each cell with mathematical accuracy, creating a structure that maximizes storage space while minimizing the amount of beeswax used.

Pure honey in a raw honeycomb

It is truly amazing to look at a frame of honeycomb and see just how precise these little bees are when looking at honeycomb in its natural form.


From Hive to Harvest: The Honeycomb Journey

The process of harvesting honeycomb begins with bees collecting nectar, which they then transform into honey, through quite an amazing process actually.

Once the honey is capped with wax, enough water has evaporated form the nectar and it is honey, you can now enjoy beautiful honey-filled, raw honeycomb. Some beekeepers carefully harvest these honeycombs, ensuring minimal disruption to the hive.

We personally do not harvest our honeycomb, instead, we place our frames into spinners after removing the wax caps, so the comb honey spins out and the honeycomb is left intact. Of course, we do not sell honeycomb either, so it makes sense for us to do it this way. You can watch us doing this on the pinned video of The Farmers Cupboard on Instagram!

The bees reuse the wax honeycomb again the following year.

Raw honey comb tasting

*These are some neighborhood kids in our backyard tasting honey comb right from the bee hive!


Cooking With Honeycomb

Straight from the Comb: Enjoying Real Honeycomb

Eating raw honeycomb in its pure form is a sensory experience like no other. The chewy, waxy texture combines with the burst of natural sweetness, offering a delicious and unique treat! Enjoy it on its own or pair it with cheese for a gourmet sensation.

Sliced honey comb on a plate


Incorporating Honeycomb into Dishes and Desserts

Culinary Creations with Raw Honeycomb

Beyond its standalone appeal, the sweet, edible honeycomb adds a touch of magic to all sorts of culinary creations. From drizzling it over desserts to incorporating it into salad dressings, the versatility of honeycomb adds an element of gourmet to both sweet and savory dishes.

Our favorite way to enjoy honeycomb at our house is to just eat it. It is considered a gourmet food, but we love to put a piece into our mouth and chew it, as the warm honey comes out.

You are just left with the wax in your mouth that you could spit out or eat, it is a totally natural form that is easily digestible, and the flavor of this raw comb is an experience I think everyone needs to try at least once.

Raw Honeycomb on a plate


Health Benefits of Raw Honeycomb

Raw Honeycomb Is A Nutrient Powerhouse

Raw honeycomb is not only a natural sweetener with an amazing texture and flavor, but it's also a nutrient-rich superfood. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it offers a wholesome alternative to processed sugars. One bite and you will see why a delicious, edible slice is so satisfying and pure.


Boosting Immunity and Well-Being

Consuming raw honeycomb and raw comb honey can contribute to your overall well-being. The raw comb honey in its most natural form within the comb contains enzymes and antioxidants that support the immune system, helping the body fend off illnesses.

We often stir raw honey into our tea with lemon and ginger root when we are feeling like we are getting sick.


Where to Buy REAL Honeycomb

Local Apiaries, In Person & Online Markets: A Fresh Source

Looking where to buy honeycomb from? Supporting local apiaries, farmers markets or online shops is a fantastic way to obtain fresh and high-quality honeycomb. Connecting with local producers not only ensures the authenticity of the product but also promotes sustainability.

If you live somewhere where farmers markets and beekeepers are hard to come buy, we have some sources we are going to share with you where you can get the real deal - the best raw honeycomb.


Where To Buy Honeycomb | The Best Honeycomb Sellers

Here are some of the best raw honeycomb sellers out there.

Place it on a plate with fruit or with some spread and crackers, enjoy it alongside cheese, enjoy it on toast or bread, or just enjoy it on a spoon! Just make sure you are getting some real honeycomb right from the beehives to enjoy all of the benefits we talked about above.

Raw honey combs stacked

Raw honeycomb also makes an amazing gift for someone! Here are some great farmers who sell their honeycomb online who we recommend:


1. Buy Honeycomb from Gils Honey Bees

See their honeycomb here

Gils Honey Bees is a beekeeping family business that operates out of upstate New York. They sell raw honeycomb, beeswax skin cream, raw honey, tinctures and wooden honey dippers.

you can even purchase an entire frame of honeycomb from them! This would be amazing on display, or you can purchase and cut up yourself for gifts.

Frame of pure honeycomb

About their business, this is what the beekeeping family has to say:

"We love working with our honeybees and make sure they are well and happy all year long. We use gentle methods for caring for our bees, and leave for them enough of their own honey to last through the Northeastern harsh winter. Our honey and beeswax is 100% pesticide free".

This is a 5 star shop with around 9000 sales. The reviews are all amazing, including this one from February 2024:

"This entire honeycomb was a huge hit at the tea party I’m still eating off it after the event. The flavor is amazing. I got the one where it has both seasons , you can taste a difference in the darker and lighter honey both absolutely amazing flavor. I will definitely purchase from this seller again the shipping was fast. Packaging was with care and the honeycomb is unreal in flavor ! 10/10 highly recommend!"


2. Buy Honeycomb from Beekeepers Daughter US

See their shop here

Based in Pennsylvania in the United States, this sweet little shop specializes in many different honey products - raw creamy honey, regular raw honey, honey soda, beeswax candles and raw honey comb!

Honeycomb shop

This is a small operation that has some really great reviews. An average of 5/5 stars with around 2000 sales, this shop is worth checking out.


3. Purchase Raw Honeycomb from Golden Honeybees 247

See their shop right here

Golden Honeybees 247 is a family-owned and operated apiary in West Sacramento, California. "We aim to provide delicious, raw honey the way bees made it--sweetness simplified". The honeycomb they sell is from various wildflowers in Northern California.

Raw Golden Honeycomb

Not only does this small shop sell honeycomb, they also sell beeswax candles as well as honeycomb submerged into a jar of honey! What a sweet treat! And with an average of 5 starts out of 5 for their reviews, this growing business is one we would love to support!


4. Get Your Honeycomb from Meden Farm UK Honey Comb

See all of their items for sale here

Shopping in the United Kingdom for honey comb or honey? Meden Farm Uk has some honey products you are going to want to check out. And we love their goals:

"We do not have spectacular goals, bees are living creatures, not machines. We are aware of their needs and dynamics. We are always happy with bees and results. We have three main goals that lead us forward:

  • To produce a clean and high quality product and to offer it to people who can appreciate it.
  • To show the maximum number of people, how to recognize quality bee products and how valuable they are to human health and longevity.
  • To be part of the great goal of protecting bees from extinction and motivating as many people as possible to be part of it."

Honeycomb on a plate


5. Buy Unfiltered, Raw Honey Comb from Prairie River Honey Farm

See their honey comb here

Prairie River Honey Farm isa small business based in Nebraska, United States. About their honey products, they have this to say:

"Our raw honey comes straight from our hives which are located on environmentally protected USDA Pollinator Habitat land along the Loup River within Central Nebraska. This wildlife habitat protected land is located several miles away from any agricultural ground, and provides our bees with a floral source of over 40 different blooming wildflowers from the untamed prairie of Nebraska.

The top pollinator wildflowers that our bees forage on from spring until fall in Central Nebraska include penstemons, purple, white, silky, and foxtail prairie clover, milkweed, legumes, wild bergamot, rocky mountain bee plant, a variety of sunflowers, goldenrod, and asters, among many more flowering plants."

Honeycomb from the hive

We love the variety of honey and bee related products this shop sells - not only honey comb, but honey, bee pollen and even royal jelly.


Summary: Embracing the Sweetness of Raw Honeycomb

In conclusion, raw honeycomb is not just a sweet treat; it's a mathematically beautiful element of nature that offers an amazing experience with a range of health benefits. 

From its creation in the hive to the diverse ways it can be enjoyed and its positive impact on well-being, raw honeycomb stands as a testament to the brilliance of the honeybee.

Enjoy it, serve it or give it as a gift. This pure, raw, flavorful, sticky gift from the beehive is tasty and will fill absolutely your heart.

Harvesting pure honeycomb


Frequently Asked Questions About Honeycomb

Q1: Is raw honeycomb safe to eat?

A1: Yes, raw honeycomb is safe to eat. Many people enjoy pure honey comb with cheese, fruit, in tea, and on bread or toast. It is delicious eaten and you can even chew the wax that is left. A square of honey comb is a natural product that is edible. It is created by bees and is a delightful, flavorful and nutritious addition to your diet.


Q2: Can I buy honeycomb at local grocery stores?

A2: While some grocery stores carry honeycomb, it's more commonly found at local farmers markets, specialty stores, and online platforms that specialize in bee products. It is great for chewing on cheese or with fruit.


Q3: Does raw honeycomb have an expiration date?

A3: Raw honeycomb has an indefinite shelf life when stored in a cool, dry place. Its natural composition, including honey's antibacterial properties, helps preserve it for extended periods. Keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. It will have a better shelf life in an airtight container and will be edible for years.


Q4: How should I store raw honeycomb?

A4: Store raw honeycomb in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid exposing it to excessive heat, as this can cause the honey to become overly liquid as it is a wax and can melt. Keeping it cool and dry will protect the walls of the honeycomb.


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