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The OMLET Chicken Door | My REAL Review

Raising chickens is an amazingly rewarding experience, but it can come with duties and time added for taking care of your flock. Of course, these duties are not major challenges, but they are more of a time-consuming nature.

For example, cleaning out the coop:

We keep backyard chickens ourselves (as you can see in the photo of me above), and I will say that the benefits of raising chickens far outweigh the challenges, but there are ways to make chicken keeping so much easier in terms of the time you have to spend maintaining them, and the coop itself!

Trust me.


One of the most critical tasks for any chicken owner is making sure your flock is safe from predators and the elements. This is where chicken coop automation through the Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door comes in.

This innovative product is a total game-changer for poultry keepers, or at least is has been for us.

We have been using our Omlet door since last winter and it has been reliable and a total helper for us. In this article, I’ll share why the Omlet Chicken Door is a must-have for every chicken coop, and how it will totally help save you time and stress, as a chicken keeper.


The Benefits of an Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Investing in chicken coop automation like the Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door can honestly revolutionize your daily routine and significantly improve the quality of life for your chickens.

Here’s why:

  • Time-Saving: No more early morning wake-up calls or rushing home at dusk to close the coop. (This has been incredible in our house as we have kids who are getting ready for school in the morning, and this little time saver is great for that!)

  • Enhanced Security: Protects your chickens from nocturnal predators with a secure locking mechanism. The door itself is super sturdy and well-built - nothing is getting through this thing I can tell you that!

  • Weather-Resistant: Built to withstand all weather conditions, ensuring long-term durability. We can attest to this after using ours through last winter up here in Canada.

  • Convenience: Automates the process of opening and closing the coop door safely, giving you total peace of mind. We feel super comfortable relying on ours, and it also has a sensor so it won't close on anything in the way.

  • Power Options - Battery-Powered or Plug In: The Omlet door can be powered by 4xAA batteries or you can order a plug in for it to be connected to a power outlet. The control unit provides information on battery power remaining if you go with that option (which is what we do) and it includes a manual override to open or close the door if you ever need.

  • Compatibility: Fits most chicken coop designs and can be installed easily without professional help.

  • Wifi Enabled: If you already have the Omlet Autodoor, there has been a really great update where you can replace your original panel with a Smart Autodoor Control Panel, which will allow you to get open and close notifications on your phone! This is a game changer.

Update your Omlet door with the Smart Control Panel here

Purchase the Omlet Door with the new Smart Wifi Control Panel here


    How Easy Is The Omlet Chicken Door to Install?

    I installed our Omlet door last winter myself, and it has been flawlessly working on its own since.

    Here is the install (chicken ran in midway through the process lol):

    ...and here we are about 8 months later:


    Omlet Chicken Door: Video

    Watch the door installation in the step by step in the video from our YouTube channel below, to get a good idea of how easily it went in, and then watch it in use! (Appreciate a like and a subscribe if you feel the content resonates with you!)


    Why Choose the Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door?

    See the door here with the smart door control so it links to your cell phone

    We highly recommend this automatic chicken coop door , specifically the newest model with the smart panel if you are looking for an auto door that is reliable, sturdy (to protect from predators), and has a chicken safety sensor so it won't close on any stragglers.

    Here are our reasons for which automatic chicken coop door to choose, in a bit more detail for you:


    Superior Design and Functionality

    The Omlet Automatic Chicken Door stands out in the market for several reasons. Its well-built construction, along with its user-friendly features, makes it a top choice for poultry keepers.

    We personally love this door and feel like it is super secure and reliable.

    The door is purposefully designed to be reliable and efficient, making sure your chickens are safe and sound every night, and that they are let out for you in the morning.


    Easy Installation

    You don’t need to be a DIY expert to install the Omlet Automatic Chicken Door. It comes with a straightforward installation guide and all the necessary hardware.

    Whether you have a wooden coop, a plastic coop or a mesh one, this Omlet autodoor can be fitted with minimal effort. Trust me, I did this one myself! It is also compatible with certain Omlet Eglu Cube and Eglu Pro models.

    See the Eglu Coop by Omlet here (comes in green or bright pink!)


    Smart Technology

    The Omlet Automatic Chicken Door is equipped with light sensors that detect dawn and dusk, automatically opening and closing the door accordingly. You can also set a specific time for the door to operate, providing flexibility based on your schedule.

    We like to set our light settings so ours opens as soon as the sun is up, and closes just after it gets dark out to give a bit of extra time. So essentially it opens and closes according the light detection level we set it to at the control panel.

    You can even peek when it is getting close and it will tell you how soon it is closing, or get notified on your cell phone if you have the newest model!


    Wifi Capable with the newest model

    See the newest model here

    This auto coop door is also able to connect to your phone if you get the Smart Autodoor panel model, so you can log into the app and know the status of your door from anywhere you get a signal! 

    What an awesome option for when you are out of town!


    Built to Last

    Durability is a key factor when choosing an automatic chicken coop door (at least it was for us!!). The Omlet door is constructed from high-quality materials that are weather-resistant, so it can withstand rain, snow, and pretty cold temperatures.

    The door’s motor is designed to operate smoothly, even in the harsher conditions.


    Safety Features

    Safety is such a big factor when it comes to your flock. The Omlet Chicken Door has a built-in safety sensor that prevents the door from closing if an obstruction (a.k.a. a hen who likes to sit right in the way) is detected.

    This means that no chickens will get trapped or injured by the door’s operation. The safety sensor ensures that everyone safe and settled in for the night.


    How the Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door Enhances Your Chicken-Keeping Experience

    Check out the coop door closing on our coop from one of our youTube shorts:

    Convenience and Peace of Mind

    One of the biggest advantages of the Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door is the convenience it offers. By automating the process of opening and closing the coop, you can save a significant amount of time and effort.

    This is especially beneficial for those with busy schedules or those who are frequently away from home.


    When we go away for a weekend, I can honestly say that I feel super safe leaving the chickens. They have enough food and water, and I know their door will open to let them out in the morning and close them in at night. 

    It is also handy if you have a chicken coop camera that streams to your phone so you can check on them! You can also download the Omlet app to check the status of your door, which is quite handy.


    Protecting Your Flock

    Predators are a constant threat to backyard chickens. The Omlet Door provides an additional layer of security, giving you peace of mind knowing that your chickens are safely locked away at night. Its robust locking mechanism ensures that the door remains secure against raccoons, foxes, and other predators.


    Energy Efficiency

    The Omlet Automatic Door can be battery-powered, making it an energy-efficient choice. The batteries are long-lasting and can easily be replaced when needed. This means you won’t have to worry about power outages affecting the operation of the door.

    Again, you also have the option to power yours with a plug-in cord, which doesn't consume very much power.



    Whether you have a small urban coop or a larger rural setup, the Omlet Chicken Door is versatile enough to fit various coop designs. Its sleek and compact design ensures that it doesn’t take up too much space, while still providing the necessary functionality for a doorway.



    The Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door is a valuable investment for any poultry keeper. Its combination of convenience, security, and durability makes it an essential addition to your chicken-keeping routine.

    By automating the process of opening and closing your coop, you can ensure your flock’s safety and well-being with barely any effort. It has been a total game changer for us.


    My Personal Recommendation:

    I would personally recommend this exact auto coop door to any new or experienced chicken keeper, and I feel totally confident in this recommendation. This door was easy to install and has been absolutely reliable, every day for us. I love the light sensor on it, I prefer to set mine to opening with the sunrise and setting with the sunset depending on the light levels I set it to. I also love the newest autodoor smart panel where you can check on the status of your coop door on your phone. This is a big "must buy" item, in my opinion, for any chicken coop.



    How do you override the door on Omlet Chicken Coop Door?

    To override the automatic function of the Omlet, you can manually open or close the door using the control panel located on the door’s motor unit.


    How to change batteries in Omlet Automatic Door?

    Changing the batteries of an Omlet Automatic Door is actually pretty simple. Open the battery compartment, remove the old batteries, and replace them with new ones. The door uses AA batteries, which are easy to find.


    How big is an Omlet Chicken Door?

    The Omlet Chicken Door measures approximately 19 inches by 16.5 inches, making it suitable for most chicken breeds. Check out the sizing guide right from Omlet below:


    Does the Omlet Door have a safety sensor?

    Yes, the Omlet Door is equipped with a safety sensor that detects obstructions (chickens) and prevents the door from closing if something is in the way.


    Can the Omlet Door be installed on any chicken coop?

    The Omlet Door is designed to be versatile and can be installed on a variety of chicken coops, including wooden and mesh coops. We installed ours on our wooden coop in the backyard and it was quite easy to do.


    Is the Omlet Automatic Chicken Door weather-resistant?

    Yes, the Omlet autodoor is built to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. According to Omlet: "Our Smart Autodoor’s reliability is a result of our rigorous approach to product design: invent, test, refine, repeat. 200 prototypes and 3 years of [a perfection process] means it can take anything in Mother Nature’s armory. 

    • Tested to work to as low as -20°C and up to 65°C
    • Waterproof casing to IPX6 standards
    • Shatterproof ABS construction
    • Stands up to severe storms


      How long do the batteries last in the Omlet Automatic Door?

      The battery life of an Omlet door can vary depending on usage, but typically, the batteries can last for several months before needing replacement. Ours have been going strong for 8 months now.


      Can you set specific times for the door to open and close?

      Yes, you can program the Omlet door to open and close at specific times using the control panel, in addition to the automatic light sensor feature. We personally like to set ours according to the sunrise and sunset light, but there are options for everyone!


      What materials is the Omlet Door made from?

      The Omlet Door is made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials designed to ensure longevity and durability. According to Omlet the materials from this auto door include "ABS, Zinc Gearing, Steel fixings".


      How does the light sensor work on the Omlet Automatic Door?

      The light sensor detects changes in natural light, such as dawn and dusk, and automatically opens or closes the door accordingly. You can also customize the sensitivity of the sensor to suit your needs.


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