How To Choose A Greenhouse Kit

How To Choose A Greenhouse Kit

Find the Perfect Greenhouse Kit for Your Dream Garden

When we moved into our home, it came with a shed in the backyard that we have been slowly turning into a greenhouse. It has been a few years and it is still not to where I want it yet.

I found used windows on Facebook marketplace as well as doors, we installed a base heater to keep the temperatures above zero when it was time for seed starting (I live in Canada). But there is still so much more to do.

My point being, that this is not your only option. You can do it this way if you really want to DIY it, but there are some other considerations if you want a greenhouse in your backyard.


To put a greenhouse in your backyard, you can:

  • Build your own greenhouse with greenhouse building plans
  • Have a full or mini greenhouse delivered (a costly option, but an option for some)
  • Purchase a greenhouse kit and assemble your own greenhouse

      Today, we are going to talk about greenhouse kits, specifically, what to consider before buying, what is the best size, lighting, ventilation and we will give you some recommendations to consider.

      There are many different greenhouse kits available to choose from, and what is nice is that you can find the perfect one online and have these greenhouse kits delivered right to your door.

      Let's talk about what to look for in your greenhouse kits to get the look you are going for while still maintaining quality and the right greenhouse kit accessories for optimal use.


       Greenhouse kit ideas


      Discovering the Right Greenhouse Kit for Your Needs

      Choosing the perfect greenhouse kit is the first step in creating your own garden oasis. For us, it was the starting point to build our garden out from, and we have started to plan our entire backyard around it.

      Just like buying a house, there are quite a few options to consider when it comes to size, style and material. It’s important to keep in mind factors such as the climate conditions for where you are located, frame quality and insulation properties for year-round plant success.


      couple standing by the backyard greenhouse 

      Identifying the Ideal Greenhouse Size

      Just like you wouldn’t force a family of six into a two-bedroom apartment, the size of your greenhouse should be determined by your gardening objectives and the available space in your garden.

      Are you looking to grow tall tropical flowers or plants or smaller herbs and seedlings? The type of vegetation desired will impact the necessary height and area for your greenhouse.

      I personally use my greenhouse for seed starting for our vegetable, herb and flower gardens - there are certain seeds that start best indoors.


      Material Matters: Frame and Wall Selection

      Choosing the correct materials is crucial for the success of your greenhouse. The frame’s durability, walls’ quality, and insulation capabilities are all important considerations.


      Accessories for Your Greenhouse Kit

      backyard greenhouse with accessories

      It’s important to also consider more than just the frame and walls when it comes to choosing the right greenhouse kits for you and your family.

      Getting the right greenhouse accessories will improve your gardening experience so you can grow exactly what you want to.


      Considering greenhouse tools is very important before you build or buy.

      Think about:

      • greenhouse ventilation systems
      • greenhouse watering systems
      • greenhouse lighting solutions
      • greenhouse heating options to start seeds when it is still too cold out

      These are all recommendations, but you can of course make these as precise or as simple as you would like. We will share our recommendations and what is necessary (and unnecessary) for greenhouse kits below.


      Ventilation Solutions

      Proper air flow is crucial for greenhouse kits as it enables plants to have fresh air, regulates temperature and humidity levels, and deters the development of fungi and pests.

      When considering options such as natural vents, fan systems or side vents in your greenhouse setup, keep in mind that adequate airflow plays an essential role in ensuring healthy growth.

      We have small panels in the top of our greenhouse, right underneath our roofline that we can open to help with air flow. This is something important to consider.

      If you are looking for a more commercial sort of operation, you may want to consider venting your air and exchanging it for fresh air, but with a backyard greenhouse, it is just important to remember to get some air moving.


      Watering Systems for Effortless Irrigation

      An important accessory for a greenhouse is a good watering system that is easily accessible. It can be in the form of drip irrigation (our preference), soaker hoses, or misting systems, or even a tap that you can easily access water from to manually water with a can.

      Using any of these watering methods not only saves time and conserves water, but also guarantees that your plants receive sufficient moisture to flourish.

      We really like drip irrigation for greenhouse watering, and for us, I think that is because we don't want a system where it can create too much moisture on our walls. Our greenhouse is wood, and we want to preserve that.

      Also, I have to admit that I am terrible at remembering to water my seeds and often, they would dry out, which you probably know means seed death. I needed to add a automated timer with a drip irrigation line because, let's face it, life is busy!

      See automatic timers ideas here

      Here are some drip irrigation kits to consider


      The Role of Lighting and Heating

      The functioning of a greenhouse heavily relies on its lighting and heating systems, which provide the perfect environment for plant growth. This is particularly important during colder seasons or when natural light is limited and it is not warm enough yet for little seedlings.

      Fortunately, there are quite a few options to consider– such as broad spectrum LED lights and heaters – to meet both your needs and budget requirements.

      Now, remember, you won't need these lights until your seeds sprout, but if you are starting your seeds before you get a lot of sun (ie, in the late winter or early spring) you may want to consider adding a greenhouse light kit in with your order.

      We have tried different lighting kits over the years, from the ones you set up in a stand to larger setups, but the one that we prefer is the long tube lights that you can install over your plants.

      Of course, if your greenhouse is setup differently, you can always look for a stand light that you can aim at your plants.

      See grow lighting options for greenhouses here


      Cultivating a Diverse Garden with a Greenhouse Kit

      Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

      Now we are getting to the most exciting parts of owning a greenhouse, which is the opportunity to cultivate an array of plants.

      Within your greenhouse, you can nurture a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and even exotic species, depending on your environment, heat, humidity level and light!

      The carefully monitored temperatures, humidity and lighting in greenhouses enables growth for plants that would typically struggle in your local climate. This opens up endless possibilities for gardening enthusiasts looking to expand their plant collection.


      Veggies and Herbs All Year Round

      Don’t wait for the right time to grow your favorite plants and herbs, a greenhouse allows you to have them at any season. Not only can you enjoy a continuous supply of fresh produce, but there are also many benefits that come with having a greenhouse.

      • You have access to various plant options all year long, depending of course on your local climate
      • Your plants are shielded from harsh weather conditions
      • The growing period is extended beyond regular seasons
      • You control important factors such as temperature, humidity levels and light exposure for the best growth
      • Protection against pesky pests and plant insects and diseases

        From heirloom tomatoes to gorgeous basil, thanks to your greenhouse, gardening knows no bounds throughout every month of the year. Start your seeds for your garden or your container planting!


        Seeds and Starters

        Using a dedicated building for starting seeds can really save you lots of money if you are always buying plants at your local greenhouses, and you will also get the benefit of earlier crops to eat.

        This is what we primarily use ours for - to start our seeds and get a super jump start on the gardening season.

        starting tomato seeds early

        Your greenhouse (even if it is a mini greenhouse) is the perfect setting for young plants to thrive and develop before being relocated into the outdoor garden. Just make sure you harden your small plants before transplanting! They will be climatized to the warm in your building, but may experience wind and colder night temperatures, and you don't want to shock them.

        TIP: One thing I do in my greenhouse to help with transplant shock (and I find that this builds stronger stems - especially in my tomatoes!) is I place a fan over my seedlings every so often for a few hours. This tells the plant to really build a strong stem it and prepares them for any winds as well. This works especially well for tomato seeds, pea seedlings and other varieties.

        Another tip is to check your soil before planting to make sure it is as optimal health when moving plants into your garden.


        Placement and Installation Tips for Your Greenhouse

        Carefully choosing the perfect site for your building and preparing it properly is crucial in ensuring a successful installation. The location should provide a good amount of sunlight for best plant growth while also protecting the structure from harsh weather conditions.


        Preparing the Site

        Properly preparing the site for your building is essential in ensuring a sturdy base. This includes activities such as leveling the ground and implementing measures to protect against wind, all of which are crucial factors.

        A thoroughly prepared location not only facilitates an easy installation process, but also contributes to the durability of your greenhouse in the long run.

        We have been adding a patio around the outside of our greenhouse last summer (and will finish it this summer) but we went and purchase a laser leveler, and it has made a world of different for getting your ground level.

        In the evening, we would turn it on and it would light of the ground bright green in any place that wasn't level (ie: if it was too high) and we would rake our gravel out until we didn't see the light any more. And if you do this, it is highly recommended to get a green laser level as opposed to a red one as you can see it much better.

        See green light laser levels here


        Making the Most of Your Space: Layout and Organization

        Imagine your greenhouse as a white canvas and you, the creator. By carefully strategizing, you can make the most out of every inch of area that is available to serve its purpose. From how plants are arranged to using your vertical space effectively as well, an orderly greenhouse not only has aesthetic appeal but is also quite efficient!


        Utilizing Vertical Space

        Space is a crucial factor in greenhouse gardening that should not be underestimated. Utilizing shelves, hanging baskets, and trellises allows for vertical expansion of your garden. Apart from maximizing limited space, incorporating vertical elements also adds an interesting visual dimension to your greenhouse design.

        Here are some really great hanging planters for greenhouses


        Nurturing Your Greenhouse Garden: Maintenance and Care

        Taking care of a greenhouse requires consistent cleaning, necessary changes based on seasons, and prompt maintenance in order for the garden to thrive.

        Despite the effort it entails, having a successful greenhouse kit brings great rewards and contributes to achieving self sufficiency - even if you have a mini greenhouse! By maintaining this type of garden well, you can be sure to have your own supply of fresh produce at all times.


        Best Greenhouse Kits to buy Online

        Here are some of our top recommendations if you want a greenhouse kit delivered to your door and all you have to do is assemble it!

        1. The Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit with Double Swing Doors

        See it on Amazon right here

        This is a beautiful greenhouse kit that is made from aluminum and polycarbonate. You have two size choices with this kit:

        • 8 x 10 x 7.5ft
        • 8 x 12 x 7.5ft

        I love the double swing doors to walk into your greenhouse. I would consider adding a small front porch on the front with a chair and a nice table where you could sit outside the greenhouse and read or have a drink in the summer while your plants get some good ventilation.

        Greenhouse kit idea

        This is a heavy duty greenhouse that has a rust-resistant frame, 4 corner posts and 2 middle posts help bury the greenhouse deep in soil or concrete for extra stability. It has a wind rating of 60 mph and a snow load capacity:18 pounds per square feet.

        It is nice to note that this greenhouse also has a built-in rain collection device. 

        Chairs in a greenhouse

        How easy is it to put together? They say that "3 DIY enthusiasts can put this greenhouse kit together in 12 hours". Much faster than building from scratch, that's for sure.


        2. Aluminum Walk-In Greenhouse Kit with Rain Gutter

        See it on Amazon here

        If you are looking for something a bit less expensive, you can try this greenhouse kit out. 

        Greenhouse diy

        This kit has a single walk through sliding door and comes in 4 different size choices:

        • 6 x 4 x 6.5
        • 6 x 6 x 6.5
        • 6 x 8 x 6.5
        • 6 x 10 x 6.5

        You can also choose between gray or dark green for your trim.

        Greenhouse Plans

        Check out the best greenhouse plans here

        You can also shop for greenhouse plans if you are more interested in DIY'ing it! There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from if you are handy and want to take this kind of project on.

        Have a look at some of the greenhouse ideas!

         Greenhouse kit plan wood


        Frequently Asked Questions

        Is it cheaper to build a greenhouse or buy a kit?

        Purchasing a greenhouse kit is typically the more economical (and more efficient) choice compared to building one from scratch. Especially considering whether or not you have the proper woodworking tools.

        Although constructing your own large customized greenhouse can save money, standard greenhouse kits are a more affordable option.


        Are greenhouse kits worth it?

        Greenhouse kits are a great investment as long as you find the right greenhouse kit for you and your family. They offer the best protection from extreme weather and help those fragile plants flourish.

        These greenhouse kits are pre-made structures and provide all the tools needed for successful greenhouse gardening and are pretty easy to follow instructions and put together yourself.


        Are greenhouses hard to maintain?

        It is necessary to conduct daily maintenance on a greenhouse and greenhouse kits in order to maintain proper temperature and watering conditions.


        What are the necessary accessories for a greenhouse?

        Key accessories that are crucial for greenhouse kits include systems for ventilation, watering, lighting and heating. These vital components work together to create the ideal environment necessary for plant growth.

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