Best Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

How To Create A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

In today's interior design landscape, farmhouse kitchens have become increasingly popular for their warm, rustic charm. I personally think they are popular because you can include that farmhouse look in any kitchen, even in modern kitchens.

You can design your kitchen around the look with cabinetry, flooring, exposed beams and all, or your can simply bring elements of that style in through décor to your existing look.


Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas


Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas: Infusing Rustic Charm into Your Modern Space

Creating an Inviting and Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Let's explore the various farmhouse kitchen ideas including furniture, incorporating natural materials and items, rustic accents, antiques and bringing them together to create a modern farmhouse feel, which is absolutely gorgeous in any capacity.


1. Embrace Natural Materials and Rustic Elements

One of the defining features of a farmhouse kitchen is the use of natural elements that evoke a sense of warmth and authenticity.

Here are the top materials you will want to search for and bring in:



Wood is an excellent choice for infusing your space with simple charm, and it looks amazing in any space.

Adding wood can be modern and rustic at the same time, it's one of those magical, natural elements that never gets old.

Wood elements can be easily incorporated in your design either in the construction (think flooring, open shelving, countertops, cabinets, wood beams along the ceiling, the center island) or in the décor elements that you bring in to a space, such as cutting boards, wooden spoons or wood frames.


Wood accents


Here's one example of a really beautiful way to incorporate wood as décor: Get a personalized cutting board with a loved one's recipe on it, in their own handwriting! Leave it on your counter or island to display.

This also makes a heartwarming gift idea, feel free to bookmark this page to come back here when you need a thoughtful, handmade gift. Plus, having a recipe on display incorporates that farmhouse charm.


Farmhouse Style Cutting board


Natural Fibre Materials

Natural fibres are absolutely gorgeous if you want to bring that rustic look into any room.

In a kitchen, you can add a natural fibre rug underneath your dining table for an unexpected soft look and warmth under your feet, you can add a woven welcome mat at the door, giving farmhouse vibes right from walking in to your home, or you can add a runner either in front of your sink or island.

Of course, you can do any of the above mentioned or add all three. If you are sticking with natural fibres, they will all go together and look gorgeous.

Here are a few beautiful, natural fibre rugs for you to consider:


1. Handwoven Moroccan Farmhouse Rug

Check price here

Natural Rug


This traditional, handmade rug is the perfect soft shade to warm up a space and bring in those natural elements.

Made from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% NZ wool, this is a perfect rug for your kitchen, or really anywhere in your home. Click to see the different sizes it comes in.


2. This Handmade Natural Jute Rug

See it here

Jute Rug for Kitchen

This is another hand woven rug, made from jute. This rug comes in many sizes, and would be gorgeous underneath your kitchen table!


3. Handwoven Cream Rug

See it right here

Cream rug for farmhouse kitchen

This is a soft and beautiful cream colored rug that has been handwoven with care. This small shop says "Each rug is woven on a traditional loom with a lot of love, care, and dedication".

This rug can actually be washed on cool settings!


Macrame Tapistries

Adding a soft, unexpected element to your walls such as a tapistry helps to infuse that soft, warm vibe we are going for. There are so many to choose from, but here is an example of what we mean:


Handmade Wall Tapistry

This specific tapestryis made from 100% natural walnut and natural cotton cords, and there are so many gorgeous options to choose from if you love this look.

See the other choices of handmade tapestries here

Compare with tapestries on Amazon here


Clay pottery

This is a subtle and easy material to bring into your space to add charm. Think of white clay pottery or natural earth toned pottery to hold your wooden utensils on your countertop.

In my own kitchen, we use a white clay water jug used as a simple centerpiece and add flowers to it from the backyard, or flowers that have been dried.

Here are some of our favorite pottery shops to get beautiful handmade pieces for your farmhouse kitchen:

1. Handmade Ceramic Dishes

See them here

Farmhouse Dish Set

When you are browsing this handmade shop, you will see just how beautiful these dishes are and how perfectly they will fit into the farmhouse aesthetic.

Each piece is uniquely crafted using high-quality ceramic, and then are fired in the kiln with a subtle and elegant color combination of pale blue, white and brown glazes.


2. White Clay Water Jug

See it here

White Ceramic Jug

Here is a perfect example of a multi use item: fill it with water for serving (or sangria if you want!) and when it is not being used as such, makes for a gorgeous centerpiece vase. Fill it with dried flowers like lavender or baby's breath to really set the tone.


Want to see more ceramics?

Read 'The Best Ceramic Shops On Etsy' right here



Nothing is more fun than finding the perfect antiques to bring into a modern farmhouse kitchen. Here are some antiques that you can add in any capacity to accent your décor!

  • teacups: Display them on open sheves, and yes, USE THEM! Nothing is better than drinking tea out of actual, antique tea cups.

  • Recipe books: find some of those classics like Julia Childs famous recipe book made popular again by the movie Julie & Julia (if you haven't seen this, it is a PERFECT afternoon movie with Meryl Streep, I think it is on Amazon Prime still, if you want to check it out here is a free 30 day Prime membership for you that you can use and cancel anytime.) 

  • Weigh scales: I found a white, antique weigh scale that I just adore. It actually doesn't work lol... But it is so pretty on the kitchen counter. I often show it in my Instagram posts. There are many different antique scales to choose from though!

Kitchen scale antique

  • Mason jars: When you find those really old jars, they have so much character and charm and they make perfect flower vases and are great for dry food storage! I keep all of my dehydrated fruit and dry foods in antique Mason jars. Find them at your local antique or thrift store.

  • Cake displays: You know that little area above your cupboards (if you have that) that don't have anything in them? Antique cake displays are the perfect item to put up there.

  • Egg baskets: If you get your eggs from a farmers, you might be able to keep them on your counter, unwashed. There is nothing more farmhouse style then that! Get yourself a gorgeous egg basket to keep them in and make sure the eggs are unwashed - it's when that protective layer gets washed off that you have to keep eggs in in the fridge.


2. Incorporate Reclaimed Wood for Authentic Farmhouse Flair

Reclaimed wood, with its weathered texture and rich history, adds character and depth to any kitchen. Consider the following farmhouse kitchen ideas for incorporating antiqued wood:


Install a Wood Island or Countertop

Make a bold statement by going for a custom island with reclaimed wood or a wood countertop.

Wood countertop kitchen

With a reclaimed wood island, this centerpiece becomes a focal point in your farmhouse kitchen, combining modern functionality with rustic appeal.

Our kitchen island is an entire reclaimed wood piece. It is actually a very old sofa table that makes for the perfect island, with an old wooden shelf on the bottom where we keep jars of baking supplies.

Adding this piece really brought our kitchen to life, and you can find really great pieces like this online!

See the antique wood islands on Etsy here


Create Open Shelving

Replace traditional upper cabinets with open shelves made from wood. Not only does this allow you to showcase your favorite dishware and accessories, but it also adds a touch of farmhouse flair to the space.

If this sounds like too much work for you and you aren't ready to replace your cabinets yet, you can always add reclaimed wood (or even live edge wood) shelving to a wall that doesn't have much on it.

Check out this little handmade shop online, they take reclaimed wood and make affordable, beautiful shelving with character!

See shop here

Reclaimed barn wood shelving


Use Reclaimed Wood for Accents

To further enhance the natural warmth of a modern farmhouse kitchen, consider incorporating wood accents throughout your kitchen.

Exposed wood beams on the ceiling or as decorative elements on the walls add architectural interest and create a cozy atmosphere.

Especially if you have white cabinets or white backsplash; wood elements with any shade of white brings the farmhouse style to life quite easily.


3. Incorporate Classic Farmhouse Elements with a Modern Twist

While farmhouse kitchens are known for their traditional elements, adding modern touches can create a fresh and updated look.


Combining Marble Countertops with the Farmhouse Aesthetic

Marble countertops, as well as soapstone countertops, offer a sleek and elegant surface that beautifully complements the antique charm of a farmhouse kitchen. They are one of the most perfect palettes to work with!

Consider the following ideas to incorporate marble or the marble look into your farmhouse kitchen:


Install a Farmhouse Sink

See the selection of farmhouse sinks you can have delivered to your door right here!

This look has been in style for a number of years, and isn't leaving anytime soon. A classic apron-front sink is a quintessential farmhouse element that quickly becomes a focal point of your room.

Click photos to see more about these sinks:

White farmhouse kitchen sink

Opt for a farmhouse sink in a white or cream color to maintain a bright and airy ambiance, or go for a copper or stainless steel look to match other elements in your kitchen!

Stainless farmhouse kitchen sink


Choose Brass Hardware for a Vintage Touch

Brass hardware, such as cabinet pulls and faucet handles, adds a touch of vintage charm to your farmhouse kitchen. The warm tones of brass beautifully contrast with the coolness of countertops done in marble (or faux marble), creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

Look for hardware with intricate details and antique finishes to further enhance the farmhouse style!

See some of the varieties for vintage style taps and faucets here


Embrace Natural Light and Brightness

To get the feel of a classic farmhouse kitchen, make the most of natural light. Opt for large windows or French doors to allow ample sunlight to flood the space.

Natural light not only brightens up the room but also enhances the beauty of the marble, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

This also brings us to our next point for farmhouse inspiration:


4. Create an Inviting Atmosphere with Lighting and Accessories

Lighting fixtures and accessories play a crucial role in creating the right ambiance in your farmhouse kitchen.


Choosing the Right Light Fixtures

Selecting appropriate lighting fixtures is essential to highlight the charm of your farmhouse kitchen. Especially if you are working with dark wood or dark cabinets. Lighting can be everything!

Consider these ideas:


1. Incorporate Pendant Lights

Pendant lights with a rustic or industrial design can add a touch of farmhouse flair while providing focused task lighting.

Hang them above the kitchen island or dining area to create a warm, country atmosphere, or put them right above your island.

See the farmhouse style pendant lights here

farmhouse pendant lights


2. Install Statement Chandeliers

For a more dramatic impact, consider installing a statement chandelier in the center of the kitchen.

Choose a chandelier with rustic elements like wrought iron or distressed wood for an authentic farmhouse feel.

You can even find antique-looking chandeliers where the iron is exposed through intentionally chipped paint!

See the farmhouse style chandeliers on Amazon here

Compare with the handmade chandeliers on Etsy here


5. Add Farmhouse Accessories

To complete the farmhouse look, incorporate accessories that exude warmth and authenticity. This can include anything from dishes and cutlery, to tea towels, display containers, herbs drying on the wall as décor, even down to your spoon holder on your stove.

Here are some great ideas with photos, and each of the photos will link to where you can find those items for yourself!


1. Display Flowers, Herbs or Plants

Bring a touch of nature into your kitchen by displaying fresh flowers or potted plants on the countertop or windowsill. Not only do they add a pop of color, but they also provide a sense of freshness and vitality.

Dried flowers are also great to have on hand for the off times when you don't have a fresh flower bouquet. Get one or 2 really gorgeous dried arrangements and you will always have something beautiful on your table.

Dried Farmhouse Kitchen Bouquet


2. Opt for Vintage-Inspired Counter Stools

Choose counter stools with a vintage or industrial design to complement the farmhouse aesthetic.

Look for stools made from natural materials like wood and metal, and consider distressed finishes for an aged look.


 Vintage Inspired Barstools for Country Kitchen


3. Display Copper or Cast Iron Pans

These two materials are perfect for that modern farmhouse kitchen. You can either display them on the wall, or keep them in eye sight and use them!

We personally love cooking with cast iron, I think almost every meal is made on one of our pans (the trick is to season cast iron properly before using it!). You just have to know how to make a perfect patina for cast iron so your food doesn't stick, and you will never use non-stick cookware again, I promise!

But I will never not love the look of copper pots and pans and would love to incorporate those into the kitchen. Something about the warmth and reflective beauty that copper brings into a room, it's just so lovely.

Copper farmhouse pot


4. Look for Vintage-Inspired Small Appliances

If you really want to go that extra mile, we highly recommend the Smeg line for small kitchen appliances.

From blenders, to coffee and espresso makers and gorgeous toasters, these are all vintage-inspired appliances that are not only amazing, but they come in the most beautiful antique colors and they look amazing in a farmhouse kitchen.

Visit the Smeg appliancs store here

Smeg Farmhouse small appliances


6. Create an Accent Wall

When we think of an accent wall, we often think of a color of paint to add to one wall to "accent" it. This can be achieved for your farmhouse kitchen by incorporating textured elements for your accent wall.


1. Exposed brick

This is a look that is so warm and inviting! Plus if you cruise your classifieds online or on the Facebook marketplace, you can find people getting rid of old bricks that have that beautiful weathered look. Use them as they are, or whitewash them!

Alternatively, you can find faux exposed brick that can easily apply to your wall so you can remove it easily as well.


Here is an example of a faux brick wall that actually looks like real brick:

Brick Wall on Farmhouse kitchen


2. Wallpaper

Guess what is making a HUGE comeback? But this isn't your 90's blue bows on ducks-themed wallpaper (if you know, you know - I grew up with this look lol).

We're talking about gorgeous and sometimes beautifully dramatic wallpapers in shades of green, teal or really any color you are accenting with.

Go for those deep hues in a bright, large space, or if you want to keep it bright, warm and airy, try a soft boho-inspired palette.

Here is a nice, soft color of wallpaper that would accent any farmhouse theme:


Farmhouse boho wallpaper


Today's wallpaper also isn't as harsh as it used to be. Easily apply it and remove it when you feel like changing it up.

We absolutely love the wallpapers from this shop, we'll leave a link to their store below so you can peruse and get inspired for spaces in your home!

See wallpaper choices here


3. Shiplap walls

Another style that has been trending for many years already is shiplap, and it absolutely embodies that modern farmhouse/country kitchen appeal.

This can be used on an accent wall, or really anywhere in your kitchen like around your cooking space or cabinets, and it looks gorgeous behind open shelves if you were considering that.

Shiplap comes as wood (in whites and natural wood tones), and there is also peel and stick options as well.

See shiplap options here



By infusing your modern kitchen with farmhouse kitchen ideas, you can create a space that exudes rustic charm and timeless appeal.

Incorporating natural elements like older looking wood or natural fibres, along with classic farmhouse elements such as a farmhouse sink and brass taps will help you achieve the perfect balance between traditional and modern farmhouse style.

Adding the right lighting fixtures and farmhouse accessories will enhance the inviting atmosphere, making your farmhouse kitchen a warm and welcoming gathering space.

Finish everything off with a scented candle (or make your own candle!) and your house will have the most beautiful, rustic but modern kitchen with an inviting warmth that this country style gets you.

Plus, all of these additions compliment any appliances in the perfect way, whether they are white, blank or stainless steel appliances. All of these wood, soft textiles, cast iron and copper accents will come together beautifully in your space.

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