Egg Baskets

BEST Egg Baskets for Style +Functionality in 2024

If you have your own chickens at your house, you already know how rewarding it is collecting your own eggs every day. Especially with the price of groceries just going up and up.

Something we have always loved about collecting our own eggs, is that our food makes food.

We feed our chickens all of our food scraps - vegetable peels and parts of vegetables we don't eat, strawberry tops, any food that has gone bad... It is amazing keeping that out of the garbage and feeding it to our chickens. We have a nice little chicken food basket by our sink that we keep these scraps in and then we through them through the food processor so it it perfectly chicken sized.

In return, our sweet hens leave us gorgeous eggs in a variety of rainbow colors that we love to display in egg baskets on our counter.

Of course you probably know this as well as you are reading this article and are looking for egg collection basket ideas! There are some really beautiful egg baskets to choose from for collecting eggs, and even for displaying them on your counter.

Let's get right into it, here are the best egg basket designs for you to have for your backyard chickens, with options for collecting eggs and options for displaying your eggs on your counter.

Egg baskets

Egg Baskets

1. Personalized Egg Baskets

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Here is a really beautiful, hand held wooden design with wooden handles and wire bottom so any bits of grass or chicken bedding will fall out of the bottom before it makes it to your countertop.

We love the farmhouse style appeal of this one!

egg baskets

This is a solid, sturdy design that will fit many eggs depending on the size you purchase. The smaller design will fit 1-2 dozen eggs per collection, the medium will fit 2-4 dozen eggs and the largest size will fit 5-7 dozen eggs.

Not only can you have this egg basket personalized but you can also choose from three different wood stains to finish it.


2. Oval Vintage Style Wire Basket

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This 10" oval wire basket is perfect to collect all the eggs and display them on the countertop if you like that vintage farmhouse look. Made from sturdy wire and featuring wooden handles, this is a cute basket option.

Best egg basket choices


3. Collapsible Wire Egg Basket

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This is a neat and handy design that will take up hardly any space when it is not in use. Another design made from metal with a unique folding lock ring design, you can hold many different things in this basket without having to worry about anything falling out.

Easy egg basket


4. Vintage Wire Chicken Basket

See it here

These are such a cute option for your eggs to sit in. Use this basket to collect and display your farm fresh eggs. It holds 24 eggs and it is functional and decorative!

Cute Egg Basket Idea


5. Wood Egg Display

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We absolutely love this design. Not quite something you would use to collect your backyard eggs with, but what a gorgeous counter display.

Wooden Egg Display Basket

Stackable and personizable, I would totally have these for the days of the week to know which eggs are the oldest! These are handmade with wood, stain and natural beeswax.

This handmade seller has quite a few really nice designs, check out this cute wooden egg display:

How to display your eggs


6. Metal Egg Dispenser

Check price here

This egg dispenser is the most convenient way to display your countertop eggs. Put the fresh ones at the top and as you take eggs from the bottom, the fresh ones move down the line, and it can hold 36 fresh eggs.

Egg basket auto delivery


7. Vintage Ceramic Chicken Basket

Check price here

Vintage, American country farm style ceramic chicken who sits atop of a wire chicken basket. What could be better than this? With a capacity of 30-40 eggs, this super cute chicken egg basket is sure to compliment any style kitchen.

This egg basket is hand painted and is glazed, high quality porcelain clay.

Shop for the best handmade pottery here

 Ceramic chicken egg basket



Egg Collecting Apron

Of course there are other options for collecting your eggs, such as egg collecting aprons!

These are usually handmade aprons with perfectly spaced front pockets or one large cushioned pocket to cradle your eggs as you walk from your backyard chicken coop to the house. No more stuffing eggs into your pockets when you were outside and were not prepared to collect your eggs (been there!).

There are many egg apron designs out there, like this handmade linen one:

Check price here

Egg collecting apron

This gorgeous handmade linen apron is getting rave reviews and is one of the most beautiful egg aprons we have seen. Here is what shop owner Nilda has to say about it:

While most aprons only have 1 layer of fabric, our quality aprons have an extra lining made of upholstery grade linen in the inside. This is not your standard linen that is see-through. This provides extra durability & longevity of your apron.

You can compare it to the other handmade egg apron options right here.


Egg Stamps

See options here

If you are looking for some more unique egg collecting and keeping options, you can always get yourself some personalized egg stamps as well!

Best egg stamps

Egg Carton Stamps

See options here

You can also get personalized stamps for your egg cartons, which is super fun if you are selling your eggs or are giving them away, or they are good for just keeping in your fridge instead of using egg baskets!

Egg carton stamp

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