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The BEST Custom Wine Labels | 2024 MUST HAVE Designs

When you are making you own wine, the last and finishing touch really makes it special. Whether you are finishing a batch of homemade wine from grapes or from a wine making box, or you are making a special event wine (for a birthday or anniversary) or you are making wedding wine labels.

After you bottle your wine and cork it, it is time to label it, and that means it is time to add some personal style.

Labelling your wine bottles is not only necessary for knowing what kind of wine you made and what year, but it adds a touch of creative detail that gives your wine bottle personality!

Plus, it is always fun to customize and create personalized wine labels.

Creating your own wine labels can be fun and beautiful, or you can even upload and create your own photo in color or in black and white. These also make a great customized gift!

There are many companies and sellers who make labels and wine stickers for bottles, and we are going to share the top sellers that do the best job making your creative and artistic skills into gorgeous wine bottle labels.

Custom Made Wine Labels

The Best Custom Wine Labels

Here are the best custom wine label designers in no particular order.

1. Wine Labels Featuring Fonts

Check price on Etsy here

Here are some great wine labels that are simple and fun, and can be customized to pair well what whatever you would like! This wine label maker has around 80,000 star reviews and is based in Arizona. There are many pre-made labels, but you can email and have your own label customized in your own special way.

Wouldn't these help make a beautiful customized gift for someone?


Wine labels

These personalized wine labels will be made and shipped off to you after you select the size and how many you would like.

These labels are water-resistant and are repositionable, which is great! It can be quite frustrating when you put your wine label on crooked. These would make great gifts or would make a nice collection. 

Custom wine labels

2. Professional Looking Wine Labels

Check price on Etsy here

These wine labels will make your wine look like it is right from the winery! Personalize your wine according to what you make. A Cabernet, Pinot Grigio or Sangiovese. Find all the professional templates you need right here, and these are made and printed right in Washington since 2003. You just simply have to let your label editor know what you need.

Professional Wine Labels

3. Wine Labels With Photos

Check price on Etsy here

Here are some really gorgeous personalized wine bottle labels. These would be great for bridesmaid wine labels, wedding wine labels or just beautiful family photo wine labels.

These would be amazing at dinner parties.

Printed Wine Labels with Photos

Hand made in California, this label design is made with a weatherproof material and they fit a standard 750ml wine bottle.

There are many styles to choose from, check out these customized wine labels for bridesmaids! You can use these labels for a wedding or for individual family members or friends. Wouldn't it be nice to receive one of these?

Custom wine labels for a wedding

4. Wine Labels with Real Foil

See choices on Etsy here

If bling is your thing, you will be sure to appreciate these wine labels that are done with real foil.

Gold foil custom wine label

Great to give out bottles at your anniversary, birthday, engagement or wedding, these gold foil labels are totally easy to personalize and they come in a variety of fonts and customizations.

Made in Pittsburgh by Marissa, this shop will be sure to bring your vision to life when it comes to making wine labels.

5. Classic Wine Labels

Check price on Etsy here

Make your bottled wine look classy and traditional with these beautiful wine labels. Add the text you prefer and voila. Instant classiness.

classic custom wine labels

These labels are a black material and would look fantastic on a bottle of red, but this shop offers many different classic styles of wine labels to choose from.

How To Print Your Own Wine Labels

You can certainly try printing your own wine labels. It will take a creative eye, but once you have your design on a program, you can purchase wine label stickers on Amazon and run them through your printer.

6. Best DIY Wine Label Stickers

Check price on Amazon here

We recommend the arched wine labels by Avery. We have personally used Avery labels for many products and they are a high quality brand that you can depend on.

Custom Stickers For Wine


There are quite a few other choices on Amazon and you an see all of them right here.


We hope we helped you find some really great design templates for your bottles. Adding a custom label with your own text or photos really adds something special to your own bottled wine.


Here are some other questions people are asking about wine bottle labels:


Can I make my own wine labels?

You can certainly go ahead and make your own labels if you are crafty and are good with a computer and printer! They are perfect for personalized wine, especially if you are working on your own design. We recommend printing your own wine sticker using permanent adhesive vinyl paper rather than regular sticker paper. We recommend this adhesive vinyl paper from Amazon here. You can even create wine stickers in any shape you would like. It is just a matter of working on the templates and hitting print.

Although if the thought of designing and creating your own custom label sounds too daunting, you can always find someone who makes custom wine labels and have them create and ship them to you.

Can I get create personalized wine labels for other drinks like beer and champagne?

Yes you can! Many companies we listed above also specialize in champagne labels and printing labels for beer and other bottles as well. Many even print labels for other things in your kitchen or pantry, so be sure to browse around their store and do a bit of shopping.


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