Scouts Fall Fundraiser

Scouts Fall Fundraiser


The Summerland Scouts, in partnership with The Apple Barn and The Farmers Cupboard, are so happy to offer delicious and beautiful fall harvest items, delivered to your door by 1st Summerland Scouts!

Our Scouts will be collecting delicious fall apples, pears and decorative pumpkins from Billy at The Apple Barn and Okanagan honey from The Farmers Cupboard!


Choose from a variety apple bag, a pear bag, pumpkin bag, honey or get some of each!

*Varieties of apples in your apple bag will include:

  • Spartan
  • Golden
  • Gala

You can order your fall harvest just in time for Thanksgiving!

Make fall pear pie, apple pie or apple sauce and have your dinner table beautifully decorated with white and orange pumpkins! Grab some Okanagan honey for your drinks and desserts or to replace your white sugar with. Other ideas include fruit leather in your oven or dehydrator, apple and pear chips, canned preserves or any other delicious fall bakes and cakes.


Delivery Options

We are offering two delivery dates:

  • October 5th Delivery date
  • October 16th Delivery date

Sign up for 1 or both, or have a special fall harvest delivered to a loved ones doorstep. In your checkout, please leave us a note we can tell your loved one with the surprise delivery.


Thank you for supporting 1st Summerland Scouts!

*Please see your options below and please note the delivery date of the bounties you are choosing. Delivery times will be between 5pm and 8pm on the date you select.